Sunday, December 18, 2011

imageThanks to everyone who joined Afterschool last week! There were so many good ideas. I was especially entertained by a cute story behind this mini gingerbread house with an important lesson for kids and parents.image

Afterschool linky will be hosted by Kelly at Little Wonders’ Days this week and then we will take a Christmas break. Please drop me an email or a comment if you want to join as a host of Afterschool blog hop.


School. It was the last week of the school year, and Anna was having a blast. There were a lot of winter celebrations. I was amused when she brought home a self-made dreidel and dreidel game instructions as homework. On Friday they had a pajama day, read The Polar Express, and got an icy letter from Santa Claus. She is already missing her teacher.


Afterschool. There was a lot of afterschool writing this week. One day Anna wrote a list of all things she could do on her own, where I contributed some ideas and spelling. One of the things that she wrote down is “to do a worksheet”. She keeps working on “First Grade Math for The Gifted Student” book, and I was impressed that she could figure out the solution for making 30 cents in different ways problem. Just a few months back it would have been impossible, since she just couldn’t understand the conversion of coins to value. She also went for her belated five year check this week. I was relieved to see that she is still on the chart for growth (13%). I almost expected her to be below the norm, since she is really tiny compared to her classmates.


Places we are going. We enjoyed some good weather this week and spent some time in our local park. We also went to Anna’s classmate’s house for dinner. A and Anna are getting to be good friends, and we really click with his parents. Anna also enjoys attention of A’s little sister and gets to play a “big girl” part. It’s fun to see the kids getting along so well and playing together without any need for supervision. They are growing up!


Christmas prep. We were busy this week finishing shopping, wrapping presents, and making and writing Christmas cards, Anna was hard at work making her own cards for her grandparents and for her uncle. This year I didn’t have to cajole her to write them – she was quite willing to write her messages. She was wishing “lots of presents” to everyone. I wrote about 25 cards, about the same number is still left to go, but the goal is to finish all Christmas prep tomorrow!


Debbie said...

Great week! I love the list idea, Selena has been so into lists around here this week. The math is coming right along.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We were able to play outside last week and it was such fun!

MaryAnne said...

Good luck finishing up your Christmas prep! We still have cards to write and send, also.

My kids have school through this Friday, and they start up again right after New Years'. Not much of a winter break!

Susan said...

It's good that Anna gets a long break, and I know you are looking forward to yours! I hope you truly enjoy your time off together!!

My girls love to make lists, too :)

Ticia said...

I hope you get all your Christmas prep done, I'm feeling like there's something important I'm missing.

Elise said...

I hope you achieved your goal of having all of your Christmas prep done.

A dinner invite is a lovely way to strengthen friendships and how wonderful to see these first friendships bloom.

Christy said...

My kids have school all week - bah humbug! R is sick though and hasn't been to school since Wednesday.

I liked that gingerbread house story too.

So many of our friends are parents of our kids' friends!

I am jealous of your weather!