Sunday, December 4, 2011


Dec3_OutsideSchool. I wasn’t involved in Anna’s school this week, since I was traveling all week, but she enjoyed coming back from her Thanksgiving break to her friends and her teacher. She again had an extended homework with a request to write about our holiday tradition. She managed to remember an Advent calendar as a tradition, since she got three different ones this year.


Afterschool. Anna was pretty busy this week. There are crafts galore in her afterschool program that she attends three times a week, a gymnastic class, and a playdate. She also did some crafting at home with papa – she wrote me an adorable birthday card where she was wishing me “lots of good presints” and an awesome birthday. As always she read a lot too.


Places we are going. I was in Vienna this week, a city I’ve never been before. It was lovely, but I’ve only seen it after dark, since my days were spent in work-related activities. I really want to go back one day, because it’s very beautiful. I came back on Friday afternoon. Yesterday the weather was beautiful, and we went for a hike. A lot of fowl come to our lands for the winter, and we saw a lot of wild life during our hike. Unfortunately, another place that we visited yesterday was an Urgent Care Clinic, where I had to take Anna for pink eye symptoms that she developed in the afternoon. She got antibiotic drops, and I keep fingers crossed that she is better today and that she can go to school tomorrow. Oh, and I also hope that we won’t get it too – pink eye infections are nasty business!

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MaryAnne said...

I hope those antibiotic drops work for Anna! One of my college professors was married to a kindergarten teacher, and he said she got pink eye nearly every year. No fun!

I didn't realize you had never been to Vienna! I really hope you make it back; it is a wonderful city to explore!

Anna looks so happy!!!

Ticia said...

What a shame you didn't get to see it!

I'm not surprised she remembered Advent calendars as her tradition with the chocolate one you did alst year.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Poor Anna!

Debbie said...

Hope Anna is feeling better soon.

Susan said...

I hope Anna is feeling better, and that you and your husband stay healthy!!
I haven't traveled much, but I'd like to someday. How fun that you get to travel so much for work and see so many places in the world!
So did you have lots of good "presints" and an awesome birthday? I hope so! :)

Julie said...

I didn't manage to participate this week. I've just been so busy lately! That's too bad you didn't get to see much of Vienna while you were there. Hopefully you'll have a chance to return someday. And I sure hope the pink eye is gone by now!

Christy said...

Pink eye is terrible! I hope no one else got it.

I hope you had a nice birthday!

hey said...

Oh no pink eye! Yucky! Hope that's gone by now.

Wishing you many wonderful "presints" and a Happy Birthday!


MommyLabs said...

How wonderful that you get to travel a lot! That's one part I miss about working from home. Hope you get to visit Vienna again and explore the beauty and the culture!
My sis-in-law went two years back and her photos were gorgeous!
I hope the pink eye gets well soon.

Elise said...

I hope the antibiotics did their job and you and your hubby did not end up with it too.

Nothing beats a homemade card from your child - precious indeed.