Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thank you, everyone for joining Afterschool party last week. There were so many fun ideas in more than 30 entries. My favorite was milk jugs as Halloween lanterns – a very original idea brought to us by Bowerbird Blue.
Oct22_PortraitSchool. It makes me happy that Anna continues to love school so much. It seems that she is fairly popular in her class. Her favorite boy gave her a birthday class that said, “Anna is a good friend and a great reader”. Her teacher had a special “exhibition science class” this week for other district teachers, and Anna loved it very much. They are learning about the three states of matter in science.
Afterschool. We had a fairly laid-back week. Anna played on DreamBox a few times. Her mental math abilities seem to get better every day. She also wrote a list of “Halloween-related” things. It featured such things as hontid hows, gost and wich. I am glad that she is no longer afraid of spelling mistakes and writes more what she wants to say not what she knows how to spell. Guided activities were on our October topics of Halloween and Picasso.
Places we are going. Parties galore! We had Anna’s birthday party last weekend, then we went on a Halloween party in her afterschool program on Friday, and on Saturday she was invited to her classmate’s birthday that had a fun bird show. She also really clicked with one of her classmates, and now these two have very fun playdates every Tuesday.
Favorite moments? Hmm… It’s been kind of a hard week for me, since it’s my turn to catch Anna’s virus. We are also dealing with a bit of a “hangover” from all the birthday excitement. I recall that when Anna turned 4, she sort of regressed a bit as if she were pushing back on new demands of being older. There is something similar going on now, but most of the time she is still a sweet and cuddly child who is a bit scared of what her new year might bring and looks for reassurance that she is not suddenly going to be asked a whole lot more.
Quote of the week: We have a station in school where we play with blocks, but I don’t like it. Blocks are boring unless you can destroy what something else is doing. Usually L (a girl) is building a castle with a princess in it, and the boys and I are building soldiers to destroy her castle and we try to take her princess. Next time I will build a jail for the princess – that is going to be FUN!
Come and join Afterschool Party! It's hosted this week by Mama Smiles:


Debbie said...

I think it is common for children to wonder what will be expected or what changes will take place when they turn a year older. We see that in Selena as she nears her birthday.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

The poor princess! :)

Ticia said...

I love that top picture of Anna! It's so cute.

My kids dictated a bunch of stories to me recently and it's been very amusing rereading it.

MaryAnne said...

Emma sometimes gets worried about getting older, too. Although, she seems more okay with it as she gets older.

Anna's spelling is very intuitive!

Kim said...

I'm SO glad she is so happy in school. Sounds like a great week!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I like her thinking! How wonderful that she sorts too!

Sherri said...

There can't ever be too many parties...well...maybe! :)
Sounds like she is loving school!

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

I don't know how I managed to miss this post earlier in the week...
I agree with Ticia that the top picture of Anna is so cute!!
Anna really does get along well with the boys, doesn't she? Good for her :) Sounds a bit like she resents that princess!

MommyLabs said...

Visiting here after a hectic but fun Diwali month.
So happy to know Anna is happy and growing at school. And that she's not wary of spelling mistakes and writes at her will.
I always encourage Pari to not bother about spellings. For, they will come some day or other. What matters is free flow of thoughts and ideas and they feeling encouraged to express.
I'm so sorry, Natalie that I have taken for ever to write back to you for your address for the pen-pal initiative. Just after this comment, i'm going to send out a mail to you.

The princess and soldiers story is brilliant! She's one smart girl! A peck on her forehead from me... !