Sunday, September 18, 2011


Sep11_TrainHome: It’s been a busy and stressful week. I had to work long hours, and daughter has been missing me. On the other hand, she was Ms Cranky when I was there for her – I guess she is still adjusting to her new schedule. It feels to all of us that we don’t have as much time together – probably due to the fact that we are having dinner and starting a night routine an hour earlier than we used to. An hour is a lot for working parents!


School: Anna has aptly defined her feelings after a school day as “happy but tired”. She enjoys school and apparently developed quite a crush on one particular first grader. She enjoys afterschool less than in the first weeks, probably due to her low energy level. Her favorite parts of school days are recess and going home, but she also enjoys learning more signs in sign language.


Afterschool was limited mostly to homework and to weekend things. Anna still enjoys her science journal and made another entry in it with her new discoveries – a dried up fruit of unknown origin and an acorn. I had more things planned but Anna had absolutely no interest in them. At least she still loves her gymnastics and asks if she could go there more than once a week.

Work: brutal. One of my best people is leaving, and I am really frustrated I couldn’t talk her out of it. A lot of politics at work and overwhelmingly too much work.


Field trips – We went to the Roaring Camp Railroad last weekend. An old steam train takes people on the ride through the mixed forests of Santa Cruz mountains. We went last year too, but Anna didn’t remember the trip. She was not afraid of the whistle this time and really enjoyed the trip even when it drizzled a bit.

Sep14_Anna Favorite moments. Anna is very interested in “secret languages” at the moment. Her first attempt was just the random selection of sounds, and I explained to her that it’s not going to work, since she will not even be able to remember what they mean. Her second attempt is much better and involves dropping the first sound of every word. It’s actually fun to have our own secret language.

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Phyllis said...

I hope both of your weeks slow down and you can both find some calmness. I am glad that she is enjoying school despite the tiredness.

Steph said...

It sounds like you have a hectic, fun-filled life. I really like her nature journal! And I'm intrigued by her interest in "secret languages." It reminds me a lot of my 7-year-old -- she comes up with things like that.

Joyful Learner said...

"Fun and tired" sounds like a fulfilling day. K has been making up secret languages too except she calls them princess languages. Basically, they are symbols for letters.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I hope you all find a good routine, that will work for the entire family soon. Transition times are challenging.

Discovering Montessori said...

Nice Post! I have a question my daughter is in eighth grade is that grade to0 high for your afterschool linky? I noticed I have been leaving her out on some blog postings. This would help me be more intentional with photo taking,journaling,etc. Thank you for sharing.

Ticia said...

I'd be tired too. Everyone I know whose kids started kinder are going through hid

Debbie said...

Transition periods are very hard on everyone. I hope things smooth out for all of you soon.

Christy said...

We are in the middle of adjustment chaos over here!!! Your field trip sounds great!

MommyLabs said...

Liked reading the round-up. School days at this stage can be tiring for kids. But, so long as she's happy, and looking forward to go to school, I think she will adjust to the schedule in a while.

Office politics can be so draining -mentally and physically! I can so relate with it back from my corporate days. Now that I'm out of a regular job and doing my own thing, it's still very hectic, but not stressful.
But then, this is all part of life so long as we're, well, happy :)
Isn't that the crux of the whole thing - be it for kids or us...? :)

Julie said...

Sorry to hear work is so stressful. I hope things ease up for you soon. I too have found that afterschooling is hard with C now. M is still into it since she is in Pre-K with no homework. I'm thinking next year, when she starts kindergarten, things will really slow down for us.

MaryAnne said...

I'm so sorry about work! How stressful!

That tired photo of Anna at the beginning of the post is very sweet. I hope she gets fully adjusted to school soon. That is definitely something we are still struggling with!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Secret languages sound like fun? The train visit looks great.