Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Well, this summer is drawing to an end. Despite my busyness at work that is only expected to increase in the fall, it was a great time for our family. It’s time to see how we did on our Summer List:

  1. 1. Spend as much time as possible at the community pool.
  2. 2. Staycation in August.
  3. 3. Visit my parents
  4. 4. Fly a kite.
  5. 5. Go to “you pick” farm.
  6. 6. Go to the beach, dip our feet in cold Pacific ocean.
  7. 7. Make our own moon sand.
  8. 8. Make homemade clay and do heart pendants and other things.
  9. 9. Host a baby shower.
  10. 10. Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.
  11. 11. Make homemade soap.
  12. 12. Make homemade face paint.
  13. 13. Celebrate my husband’s birthday.
  14. 14. Try melting crayons in the sun.
  15. 15. Make lemonade.
  16. 16. Go to “Forest Theater” (for adults)
  17. 17. Go to “Shakespeare in the park”
  18. 18. See “Harry Potter 7, Part 2” (I can’t wait!)
  19. 19. Go for a “night walk”
  20. 20. Go to Monterey aquarium
  21. 21. Go to the Gilroy Gardens

I think we did pretty well! I am still hoping to do a night walk and possibly “you pick” farm visit in September. But the most important goal of September is settling down into our new schedule. Anna loves her kindergarten, but she is now in school for 3 days from 8 am to 5 pm (she attends on-premise YMCA for 3 days), and she is quite exhausted when she comes home. Also she told us that school day involves a lot of sitting, so we want to make sure she gets more exercise. It’s awesome that she can walk to school, at least she starts her day by getting her body and mind moving. So here are the goals for September:

  1. 1. Make sure Anna goes to bed no later than 8 pm on school nights, lights off at 8:30 pm.
  2. 2. Play outside for 30 min every day in the late afternoon.
  3. 3. Continue our “rest time” traditions on Tuesdays, Thursday and weekends – we are firm believers in afternoon downtime reserved for quiet play or reading.
  4. 4. Start “game hour” tradition on Tuesday evenings.
  5. 5. Give “the last hooray” to our swimming pool and go as often as time and weather permit.
  6. 6. Start “cooking/baking” tradition on Friday evenings.
  7. 7. Continue “no TV” life.
  8. 8. Continue to limit computer time to no more than an hour on weekends.
  9. 9. Only do additional learning activities if daughter is asking for them.
  10. 10. Take it slow on weekends – everyone surely needs some downtime in this transition.


Mom and Kiddo said...

Are you referring to the Forest Theater in Carmel?

MaryAnne said...

You did a lot this summer! I need to see how I did on my bucket list this summer, also!

Your goals for September sound great; perfect for easing into the new school year.

Christy said...

Are you completely TV free now? We have a no tv on school days rule in our house.

I love that you make downtime a priority!

Debbie said...

I love how you see a need for down time. I think sometimes families think the busier they are or keep their kids the better things will be all the way around, but they don't see how tired their kids are in the end.

Julie said...

Wow! You did great on your summer bucket list. We didn't do hardly any of the things I had on there. It was a very different summer than I had planned. I like your goals for September. You have some interesting ideas on there.

Kelly said...

I love the schedule your starting to set for your family. I need to sit down and readjust our schedule. We're back to our no tv, no wii during the week and limited time on the weekends. We didn't watch much over the summer, so no one is really saying anything about it.
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Kim said...

You did really well with your summer goals! And the new plans look great. Good luck!

Ticia said...

I love the idea of afternoon down time.