Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello readers! As I travel the blog world, I am encouraged to meet more and more bloggers who choose to send their children to school while adding enriching and playful educational  activities at home. However, when I look at “week in review” link ups, they all come from the homeschooling world.

I am not up for hosting yet another linky single-handedly on my blog, but I think it would be fun for us “afterschoolers” to unite and organize a traveling weekly linky. It can be hosted on a different blog every week where we can all visit and learn how our children navigate school challenges and how they are challenged and entertained at home. As for the day of the week, I think Sunday link-up would work well to be able to catch all the activities of the prior week

If you are interested in participating and/or hosting, please drop me a comment on the blog or send me an email and say if you are interested in hosting, participating and hosting, and also if you would be able to make a badge for this link up.


Christy said...

I am interested, but I can't really commit to anything in the near future!

MaryAnne said...

I might be interested. Is there a way to keep an afterschooling focus without excluding homeschoolers? Or am I wanting that impossible best of both worlds?

Elise said...

I seem to be flat out keeping up with blogging at the moment so I would have to say no to hosting for now, but am interested in participating.

Julie said...

I'd be up for participating and hosting but have no idea how to make a good badge. :-)

Kelly said...

I'd love to work with you on a linky. We still do a lot of afterschool activities and learning during the week.

Little Wonders' Days

Lovingmama said...

We may be up for it - with 2 of us blogging =) I like the idea of a blog hop for our grade school kids.