Friday, July 8, 2011

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In our lives… We all enjoyed this long holiday weekend even though I can hardly remember it after a huge workload spike this week and, sadly, it looks like the next week is not going to be any better. But at least our travel plans for August are finalized, and Anna is really looking forward to seeing her grandparents. She also enjoyed staying late and sleeping in – I wonder how she will adjust to getting up early every day for kindergarten. It was fun to watch her during our annual 4th of July street party – she went from being very clingy last year to “off to try everything possible” this year. She also loved fireworks (last year she was still intimidated by them.)


“Afterschooling”. This week we tried Five in a Row approach with Madeline book. It went rather well – we played a lot of rhyme games, discussed new words, tried to focus a little on spelling and found all the times numbers are used in the story. When I asked Anna to retell Madeline to me on the third day, she obliged and narrated it back to me word by word.


We are learning about… human body. Anna (and I) can now find an appendix in the picture of our digestive system. We are also learning and reading about France. I was thinking if I need to write a post about Madeline, but since we didn’t do anything terribly original, I will just share our favorite resources: Madeline at Homeschool Mom and Madeline at Homeschool Share.


Favorite thing is watching Anna play on her own when she is in the mood. One day she collected all her stuffed animals and dolls and was playing “a photo booth” with my camera. Eventually she wanted to be in the photo too, so I could get my camera back. She also enjoyed her Eiffel Tower from wooden blocks and spent some hours playing out the scenarios where her Playmobil characters were visiting the tower.


Places we are going… We didn’t go anywhere for a long weekend, but enjoyed celebrating Independence Day with our neighbors. The annual kids’ picture had about 70 kids of different ages and many of them live in our street. Anna slowly gets to know more kids, and we hope to mix more with our neighbors once she starts school. We already see them more often as we visit our community pool – a perfect place to go on hot summer afternoons.


Favorite quotes:

  • We are watching So You Think You Can Dance (recorded) after Anna goes to bed. Anna comes for “another hug, kiss and tuck-in”) and watches a hip-hop number. After a few moments…
  • Anna: What is it they are doing?
  • Me: They are dancing.
  • Anna: This is not dancing. They are just jumping around. They are dancing just like me, and I am not even very good at dancing.


Sarah said...

That dancing quote is priceless!!! I'm laughing so hard at that!

It seems like you're having a nice summer.

Christy said...

It sounds like you have a great neighborhood!

I love the So You Think You Can Dance quote. Funny because R saw a hip hop routine in the dance recital she was in and declared hip hop terrible. Now, every time anyone mentions hip hop she says it is really bad dancing.

Julie said...

I love her quote! Too funny! And that's great that there are so many kids in your neighborhood. We have a street like that and we have definitely gotten to know more neighbors since C started school. I'm sure you will too.

MaryAnne said...

I love the SYTYCD quote!

I WISH my kids would sleep in. They've been waking up by 5:30 - at the latest!

Of course, Mike's been leaving for work by 5:30, which probably isn't helping with the sleeping in...

Phyllis said...

I am not surprised that she was able to quote the whole story word for word...she has such a good memory. She is such a pretty young lady.

Elise said...

Playing photo booth would be fun.

You seem to have so many children in your neighbourhood.

As our winter progresses, I am hoping that my cherubs will be more inclined to sleep in. Getting up around 5:30 every single day is not something I am looking forward to on those chilly mornings.

Mom and Kiddo said...

That dancing quote cracks me up, too.

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

It sounds like you had a good week! Thanks for linking up and sharing your favorite resources :)
I always love Anna's quotes!!