Friday, July 22, 2011


In our lives… I am cheating a little and writing this post on Wednesday, since I know that I will be in very long all-day meetings at work on Thursday and Friday, and my husband will be “holding the fort” at home. Hopefully they will be enjoying another heat wave at our community pool. But we did the best of our times together this week with a fun art project, a visit to the library and a very busy weekend.  


Afterschooling was limited to the visit to Monterey Bay Aquarium over the weekend, reading a beautiful FIAR book by Mark Shasha Night of the Moonjellies and reading a lot of other books about ocean (see my WMCIR post tomorrow). Anna enjoyed the visit to Monterey a lot more than the first time around since she remembered it and knew what to expect.


We are learning about… ocean life, of course, but we also took a chance to do some charity on the level that Anna could truly appreciate and went shopping for Back to School drive. Anna had a blast shopping for another kindergarten-age girl and was enthusiastically adding her early readers to the backpack until it was bursting at seams. She also talked me into buying the same backpack for her, and I was happy to do so, since her prior choice was a Dora backpack. I am not a big fan of licensed characters, so I am glad that she chose something else instead.


Places we are going… We are lucky to live in the area where we could go to the museums, to big cities, to the mountains or to the ocean every weekend if we so choose. We try to space these trips, and therefore they are more memorable. I am glad that we made it to Monterey even though the place was incredibly crowded on Saturday. Perhaps we can make one more trip there during the week before our membership expires.


My favorite thing… is how excited Anna always is when I come home. Of course there are disadvantages in being a working mom. I don’t guide her every step and rejoice in every achievement. But as an “absent” parent, I get to be favorite practically at all times, and I enjoy this outpouring of her unconditional innocent love.


An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I know what you mean, I love the way the children great their father when he comes home from in the evenings - it's very heart warming.

Ticia said...

It is a cool thing to see how the kids greet the returning parent. Interestingly enough my kids have chosen their favorite parent along gender lines. I wonder if that's how it happens in all families.

Debbie said...

I know that Papa gets a great greeting when he comes home. Though any time I leave and come home, I get the same greeting. It is so special to know how much our little ones truly love us and miss us when we are gone.

MaryAnne said...

Mike gets to be the favorite that way, and he loves it! I'm happy for him to be the favorite in the evenings, having had plenty of love all day long =)

There are definitely benefits to both roles.

Christy said...

Tom gets that reaction when he comes home too - it is very sweet.

We have done similar charity projects and they are always very meaningful for the kids.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh, we have plans to donate to a back-to-school drive too! What a great week you had!!