Friday, June 24, 2011

In our lives… Anna had a kindergarten screening on Monday. The teacher who screened her had recommended us to consider K-1 class if they have it this year. She also happens to be teaching this class. She said that Anna is perfectly ready for that class despite her entering K before 5. We’ll see what happens, but Anna loved the teacher and didn’t want to leave school. However, she does enjoy her summer camp that started this week. We kept her regular schedule there – 3 times a week until 3:30 pm.
Afterschooling proceeded without any serious planning on my part. Anna was practicing writing in her “Wipe-and-erase” books. She is convinced that she is not a good writer, and she is also convinced that she has to “learn writing” before she comes to K. She also begged me to play DreamBox again. I got a trial membership and she is breezing through the initial games. Interestingly, now she brings the level of understanding and ease that she absolutely didn’t have 6 months ago, so I am thinking of renewing my subscription.
My favorite thing was celebrating Father’s Day. Anna made papa a new photo frame, and I selected my favorite picture of the two of them together. Anna adores her father, and it always warms my heart to see the two of them engaged in something together. Anna has inherited a lot from him – his warm personality, his cuddliness and his attention to detail. Oh, and also good looks :)
Places we are going… Pool, pool and more pool! It’s been incredibly hot here this week, and we are so lucky to have a wonderful community pool (we pay membership fee for it, but it’s so worth it!). Anna loves water and a lot more fearless this year after taking swim lessons than she was last year. She still loves her swimming ring, but she at least tries gliding and diving. Her papa hopes to improve her swimming over the summer – hopefully he will accomplish this feat.
Favorite quotes. Out of the blue Anna told me that she wants to make movies when she grows up and wanted to know how she can learn to make movies. I gave her a short overview of different roles in movie making. Anna: Maybe there is a class to learn how to make movies. And different kids have different jobs.
  • Me: You know, maybe next year you can go to movie making summer camp. But big kids will have big jobs, and little kids will have little jobs.
  • Anna: I want a big job, so sign me up when I am six.


Christy said...

I didn't even think about the fact that Anna won't be five when entering K. In our school district, the child has to be five before September 1 which means that with this baby being due Sept 9th, she will probably turn six right after entering K. There are no exceptions either. I'm torn because I love the idea of having her home for an extra year, but I also worry that K will be very boring for a six year old. She isn't even born yet and I'm worrying about silly things.

C wants to make movies too. One of the books we just got for review from OwlKids (haven't read it yet) is Lights, Camera, Action! Making Movies and TV from the Inside Out by Lisa O'Brien.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

In a K-1 class, would Anna have to take it twice - once for K, and again for 1st grade, or is it just one year and then off to 2nd?

Ticia said...

She'll probably love the K/1 combo class. I remember them having some classes like that back when I was in school out there (over 20 years ago), and I almost was assigned to teach a class like that.

Phyllis said...

From what I have seen, I agree with the teacher's suggestion. She seems quite ready for K-1!

MaryAnne said...

I could definitely see Anna thriving in a K-1 class. Our school district is like Christy's, with no exceptions to the age cut-off. I'm so glad Lily makes the cut-off to start right after she turns 5, because she's so tall and she seems to catch on to things very quickly.

I love her quote. I remember also thinking that six year olds were VERY big when I was four =)

Mom and Kiddo said...

We don't have combo classes here. Kiddo is the oldest with a Jan. birthday, but since NYC has the ridiculous cut-off of Dec. 31, New kid will be the youngest with a Dec 21st birthday. It's almost impossible to hold them back a year, but oh, well. I wish we had a convenient pool to go to in the summer. I love swimming!

Susan @ learning ALL the time!! said...

I love these weekly review posts, and I keep telling myself that I want to start doing them, but I haven't gotten to it yet!
I love the face paint picture :)

Kylie said...

She definitely is a clear thinker and I love how she knows what wants....going for the 'big' jobs :-)

Finally getting back around and visiting some of my fav blogs, it's been a while :-)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I, like Christy, didn't realize Anna won't be 5 either. You are blessed they will let her enter early--no exceptions here with that rule.

We have been swimming every day and LOVING it! A pool makes summer a blast for sure! Especially here where it's almost 100 each day with 100% humidity as well :-).

As always, I love Anna's quotes.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

One more thing, I can't remember, have you ever considered Montessori for Anna, if there is one near you? Just a thought...