Friday, June 17, 2011


In our lives… Life continues to be busy, with a lot of juggling. My husband was sick for the first half of the week, but he seems a lot better now. Anna tried hard to be nice to him, and I managed to come home early to back him up. I think being very busy at work is a very permanent thing for me, but in a way I am also enjoying new challenges and using more of my brain, so to speak. It was Anna’s last week of preschool, but she will go there for a summer camp with the same schedule and same teachers. It’s a little sad that she won’t see many of her classmates any longer, since they don’t leave close. She doesn’t seem too fazed about it, since she didn’t develop any special friendships with her classmates, except maybe with one girl who is also staying for the summer. 

June13_StickerSceneAfterschool” was not happening much. We are reading books about India and from time to time Anna picks up some of her wipe-and-erase books that are always available and does something in them. She still resists writing and reads a lot. She does more drawing lately, mostly Valentine cards for us or something abstract like this “Hello Kitty town”.


My favorite thing is watching Anna making up her own games. She always talks to herself or hums to herself when she plays. For a while I was worried that she spends too much time reading and not enough time doing, but lately her activities seem to be balanced, and I also really enjoy the fact that she is able to entertain herself once she understands that adults are not available.


Places we are going… Well, the only place I am going is to work. But when my husband felt well enough, he took Anna to SF zoo with another family, and as always she had a blast. She was disappointed that they didn’t get to visit her favorite spot – a petting zoo, but her favorites this time around were kangaroos. We have a great kangaroo exhibit, especially interesting when they are lively and hopping about.


Favorite quotes: D was in a whiny mood. He must have woken up on a wrong foot.

Papa has a great soft cozy pillow – it’s his belly. But you, mama, have two – your breasts and your popo (butt).

To the friend who just had a baby: Did you know? Your baby will cry and cry and cry.


Christy said...

I love the quotes from Anna!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

She's so encouraging to the new mother! :)
I hope the busier schedule works out for you - at least it sounds like interesting work, I'm sure that helps.

Ticia said...

I hope your work cuts back because I enjoy getting to read more posts from you, and hearing from you more, but I'm glad at least it's interesting and a good challenge.

I love her "Hello Kitty Town," that is very cute.

Princess and Anna would get along great because Princess does the exact same thing when she plays, talks to herself and sings.

Elise said...

You lucky thing.... two soft cozy pillows! Anna's quotes make me laugh.

When people stop us and comment on Taleea, Savvy often says "she bites". This is because when Taleea was teething she would sometimes bite me. Mind you this has not happened for months and it only happened a few times, but Savvy still likes to "warn" people.

Isn't it bliss watching your child play independently, especially when they make up their own activity. Blakie does this a whole lot more than Savvy at the moment.

Would Anna be interested in any books about Kangaroos, or Aussie animals? We can certainly send some stuff her way. Can you get close to the kangaroos at the zoo?

Mom and Kiddo said...

Once again, it sounds like Anna is always finding ways to have a good time. I love her quotes, too.

MaryAnne said...

Anna's quotes are hilarious!

I've never seen a kangaroo in real life! I guess I should have gone to that zoo while we lived in CA!

I love it when my kids make up their own games, and I think it's sweet when they hum/sing while playing. They always seem so happy when they do that!

Kim said...

I'm glad Lars is feeling better! And interesting work that uses your brain is good! I hope you enjoy it!
Glad Anna had a good week. Crumpet likes to make up games too. Funny to watch.
Great comments by Anna!Yes the baby will cry and cry...

Our Homeschool Fun said...

LOL at Anna's quotes!!

I love the zoo too, it's always such a fun place to visit.