Friday, May 6, 2011


After a trying last week things were flowing smoother this week. Perhaps daughter has fully recovered from her cold or readjusted to school life, but she went back to being a happy camper who has her own ideas about what she wants to do. This week it was dinosaurs again – one of her ongoing interests. At school her theme was Authors and Nursery Rhymes and making surprises for Mother’s Day. Tickling games gave way to water hose games this week since the temperatures soared into high 80s. We are both ready for our pool to open, but we have to wait until Memorial Day weekend for that.


Dinosaurs. When Anna told me she wants “to do dinosaurs” I had to improvise a little. I pulled out our dinosaur cards from Target, we picked our favorite dinosaurs and played “who am I?” game using information on the back of the cards. Anna got me every time using obscure facts from the back like “this dinosaur was named by so-so in whatever year”. She was very pleased to win this games. She also enjoyed coloring dinosaurs online – she loves computer coloring way more than real coloring.

May2_Reading Science. I love when Anna is in the mood of conducting her own experiments in the bathtub or asking to do science together. It happens a lot lately, and I talked about some of the things we did lately in this post. She loves to read non-fiction and is currently tearing through Magic Tree House Research Guide on Rain Forests. I love it when she asks questions and connects the dots for the things she read or heard about.


Arts and Crafts. I decided to conduct my own experiment and wait until Anna asks to do something “artsy” before proposing it to her. I thought I will wait forever, but she spied fingerpaints in our art closet, and suddenly she was very interested. Ugh – not my favorite, even outside, but she seemed to enjoy it for a little bit. That was about all art that happened in the house this week.

May1_Bat Play. We had a great playdate this weekend with a girl who is a year younger, but about the same size as Anna. The girls had fun blowing bubbles, making gnocchi and attempting to master a baseball bat. Other games that were played this week – picnic for Barbies, an elaborate war game with farm animals and an Easter hunt where she was delighted to find the eggs that she herself has hidden. She loved it that she found more than I did, but to her credit they were really hidden well.


MaryAnne said...

I love Anna's strategies for gaining a competitive edge, both in your dinosaur card game and the Easter egg hunt!

I wonder what it is about dinosaurs? They seem to be universally appealing to all young children, at some point between the ages of three and six or so!

Debbie said...

Looks like a great week with great weather for a lot of outdoor fun. I love the last picture of Anna trying to master the bat.

Phyllis said...

What fun!! I love the picture of her painting.

Annette W. said...

I love the expression in the second picture!

We also like using the T for batting practice!

Ticia said...

My kids are still hiding eggs and finding them too. It cracks me up

Christy said...

R LOVES finger painting - she would happily do that every day.

I'm glad Anna seems to be back to herself.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Hanna always enjoyed coloring online more than in books or paper. Joe is my paper colorer for sure!

Yeah, finger painting not my first choice here either, but my oh my does Jack just LOVE it!!