Friday, April 22, 2011

Apr17_BubblesAnna is 4 years 6 months old. The spring break is over, and we are trying to get back into the routine. It’s always hard after a break, because our daughter is not an early riser. She is naturally inclined to read herself to sleep and turn the lights off at around 10 pm and then sleep until at least 8:30 am. She was not too pleased to be woken up at 7:30 am on school days. Her theme in school is One World for Earth Day. At home I am trying to follow more her lead in what she wants to do and to let her play outside as much as possible. I am reading Playful Parenting by Lawrence J Cohen as a Parenting Book Club April choice at No Time for Flashcards, and it made me rethink quite a few things about how we approach our time together. I plan to share my insights in a separate posts once I finish the book.


Math. Daughter still likes her Mighty Mind game and usually pulls it out when adults are not available to play with her. Then she uses an excuse of completed challenge to interrupt parents, because she wants one of us to take a picture of her achievement. She also spent some time building with her magnetic pattern blocks, and we played Shapes Up together. No workbooks these week – not interested again :)


Traditions. Anna was happy to prepare for Easter, paint eggs with papa and help him decorate the house. We did some crafts to celebrate spring and Easter and, of course, read a lot of books. She was just as happy to receive a special Passover “care package” from her Babushka and Dedushka. She doesn’t know it yet, but Easter “care package” arrived from Germany too and is waiting to be opened on Sunday.


Arts and Crafts. Anna was not in a very crafty mood lately, but she draws more lately, and a couple of times surprised me by making me elaborate “Valentine cards” (mostly with stickers). She also enjoyed basket decorating craft that was good scissor practice too. You can find printable here if you need a short activity for Easter Sunday. It works well with multiple kids, since there are several baskets to decorate. 

Apr20_EarthDay Earth Day. We didn’t do any dedicated Earth Day activities at home – Anna’s school had the whole week dedicated to this theme. But we made a point to use some of the suggestions from the book Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World. Anna loves helping papa in the garden, and we hope our first attempt at gardening will bring us some herbs and maybe even radishes and tomatoes from our own backyard.


Play. Anna has been kind of stuck in “entertain me” mode again lately, probably because she is battling a major cold. She spends all her rest time reading and the moment I come home she wants me to play with her. She loves balloons and pillow fights, and she also enjoys building from Legos with papa. She also had fun with this pretend egg hunt – it was fun to see which eggs she missed. I had to play “cold-hot” game to guide her to this particular egg.


Christy said...

C always wants pictures taken of everything he does - true sign of a blogger's child, I guess.

We haven't done anything for Earth day either, and my kids are on spring break this week so they didn't really do anything on topic in school. We are hosting Easter and I just haven't found the time. I do have a few Earth day type books out to read today.

The book you are reading sounds interesting. I just finished Cinderella Ate My Daughter.

MaryAnne said...

Your garden looks great!

Emma is always having me take pictures of things, too. And she is in a major "entertain me" mode, I think mostly from coming back from time with LOTS of family to play with her all the time.

I look forward to reading about your thoughts on "Playful Parenting" - I have that on my "to read" list, but have a few other books I need to finish first!

Phyllis said...

I love the first photo of her with the bubbles. I love the expression on her face -so happy! I really like how you break down your week into different themes. My Katie loved Mighty Mind too, but the boys only seem to have a passing interest in it. I love your garden. It is so beautiful. No wonder she likes to help with it.

Debbie said...

I know we will have much happier weeks here once we can get outside. The first picture of Anna is full of such joy. I am going to have to see if I can get a copy of that book, Playful Parenting it sounds interesting.

Ticia said...

We're about to have a pretend egg hunt as well here. I'm going to fill the eggs with math problems and things like that. Oh so sneaky........

Love that first picture. You always lead with the best first picture!

Kim said...

Oh what a fun week. I hope your garden grows! I wish Crumpet was a late sleeper - he's been up before 6 every day for a week. Aack!

learning ALL the time!!/Susan said...

I agree with many others commenting here that "Playful Parenting" sounds like an interesting read!
I also love that first pic of Anna :)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to hearing more about Playful Parenting, too.

Is that shorts picture current!?! We had more snow in the air today - think you could send some of that warm weather our way?