Friday, April 29, 2011

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April was a busy month for me at work, which took its toll at home. Daughter has been swinging wildly between cooperative and whiny. She seems to be in a desperate need of a reliable playmate. Unfortunately, all her closest friends are boys, and we are entering the age where boys really like wild games involving taking prisoners, shooting enemies and so on. Anna is not into these games, and some playdates ended with her coming home vowing never to go outside again. I think I need to make more effort in May to find her some new friends. Now, let’s see how we did on goals for April:

  • Aor27_OutsideTime Outside deserves an A. We spent a lot of time outside this month since the weather was good most of the time. We took some of our art projects outside, but Anna’s favorite things to do is to play tag or blow bubbles.
  • Health and Exercise – B-. I hurt my back early in the month again, so I am trying to take it easy with my Pilates program. We walk a lot, so this counts as exercise. I hope my husband shakes off the cold that daughter generously shared with him, and we will have more energy for joint activities too.
  • Organization – C-. Ouch, we are behind in our plan here. We did a couple of very small projects, but lacked energy to tackle anything big.
  • Apr9_Bunny Traditions – B-. Well, we definitely played more this month, but I felt that the more we play the more daughter expects me to be always available to her. Even though I enjoy our time together, sometimes I also need some time to catch up with work or with home duties. And we still don’t have a family game night.
  • April-specific plans. I did fairly well except the part about starting our backyard remodel. That one slipped to May. Overall I give myself a solid B on month-specific goals. So now on to May:
  • 1. Backyard remodel yet again.
  • 2. Field trip (we went to SF zoo in April).
  • 3. Sailing trip with our friends.
  • 4. Dentist appointment


Mom and Kiddo said...

Well, you got an A in the most important subject. :)

Debbie said...

Poor Anna doesn't want to be taken prisoner by her friends. Picked Selena up yesterday from friends, and she was the one swinging the sword in the air taking prisoners.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Helping children find friends is really difficult - you want them to have them, but then trying to fit them into family time, and life in general isn't always easy either. Anna sounds so much like my oldest - he still prefers our company when it comes to playing games, watching movies, or going outside.

Ticia said...

Ugh dentist

MaryAnne said...

Sounds like solid goals for May. We've done great at getting outdoors since our weather finally warmed up starting Sunday! And in Las Vegas we were outside every day =)

I hope May is a happy and healthy month for your entire family!

Thanks for linking up! =)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I really enjoy these posts! And Matthew would love to play tag and blow bubbles with Anna. :) He is ok with the rougher stuff, but can be amazingly gentle too. Not that he doesn't enjoy a good shoot out every now and then! Is it a group of boys that Anna plays with? I wonder if she'd have more luck one on one? The mentality of a herd of boys might be a bit much right now.

I understand what you mean about needing to balance time with Anna and time for yourself. That's a hard one...

Hope your back is feeling better soon! Good luck with your May plans!

learning ALL the time!!/Susan said...

Best of luck with your May goals!

I would really love to have a regular family game night here, we have so many great games, but we can't seem to pull it off! I need to work on that.

Kim said...

Oh, I hope your back is better soon! We are finding that most girls don't want to play with Sam now - too many guns etc. It's hard to find just the right friends...
Sounds like you had a great month. Glad the weather has been nice enough to get out more!

Christy said...

Oh, believe it or not, I feel your pain in the friend area. T and R both have very easy going personalities and they never have trouble finding friends. C, on the other hand, is a bit shy. Everyone seems to like him, and he definitely has friends, but he lacks playmates. Our neighborhood seems to be full of girls and, as you know, they don't play the way boys do. We try to invite boys from his class over to play, but it isn't as easy as playing with the neighborhood kids. I stress out about this whole situation quite a bit.

I hope everyone in your house is feeling well soon!

Our Homeschool Fun said...

A sweet picture of the two of you. I always, always enjoy reading your monthly goal posts!