Friday, April 1, 2011

monthly goals at mama smiles

Another month passed by. Let’s see how I did on my goals this month.

Mar28_TreeTime outside. Well, it was raining a lot. In fact, it felt like it was raining non-stop all month, especially on weekends. We didn’t get to go on any fun trips, but we tried to spend at least a little time outside in between (and sometimes even during) the rains. I think overall I can give B for this goal. 

Health and Exercise – B again. I am making a point now to have one fish dinner every week. I’ve never cooked fish before, and I am glad to discover several quick recipes that were well received by everyone. I am working my way towards meatless recipes too. I was sick with cold earlier in the month, but now Mar28_BikeI am getting back into doing my Pilates and to spending time outside with Anna. Trying to teach her to ride without training wheels is quite an effort (and really bad for my back!)

Organization – B-. We returned to our program of one organization day a week, but we didn’t take on any major projects. Mostly we were puttering around a big pile of accumulated paperwork (still work in progress!) in the office and did our taxes.

Traditions – C. We are still struggling with a structure for our evenings, and it seems sometimes that time just runs like water between our fingers. Lately I’ve been struck with the thought of how quickly Anna is growing up. She still loves best to spend time at home in the company of both parents, but this is not going to last. So again I want to recommit to spending more playful time with Anna and try to figure out one family evening a week that would be either a board game night or a movie night.

March-specific plans – A-. We decided on Anna’s summer program. After some debate we chose to keep her in her current preschool for the summer. Our area has a lot of very interesting summer camps, but they all have the same drawback – they are mostly 5-days-a-week half-day programs for preschool-age kids while we need a 3-days-a-week longer day program. Anna is finally happily settled in her classroom (it “only” took her 8 months!), so we don’t want to break what’s working. And we are planning one vacation for parents (dates and location to be determined) and one staycation for the late summer too.

April Plans.

  1. 1. Kicking off our backyard paving project (at least making a plan and finding a contractor!)
  2. 2. Making overdue doctor appointments for myself
  3. 3. Going on at least one field tip
  4. 4. Make sure that I am more than in one picture in the whole month.

What do you plan to do in April?


Mom and Kiddo said...

I am vowing to get outside more this month, too. Unfortunately we have lots of rain in the forecast. This is particularly irritating as new Kid is in a "throw everything around" phase.

Good Times.

Christy said...

I am looking forward to spending time outside if it EVER gets warm!

I like your goal to be in more pictures. I am working on that too.

learning ALL the time!!/Susan said...

I can identify with so much of this post! I also am hoping to get outside more in April, if the weather cooperates. I would LOVE to be able to get into a regular walking routine, but that never seems to happen. There's only so much time in one day...

Debbie said...

I too plan on getting outside more if we get through this rainy spell. This next month will be a strange month with Papa being away for a week of training, then looking at a new job. We will see where it all takes us.

Kelly said...

It's so true about how fast they grow up! I love your goal of being in pictures more. I have tons of picture of the kids, some with dad, and hardly any with me. I think I need to make that goal for myself.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

It's amazing how quickly evenings can slip by.

Ticia said...

I like the goal of being in more than one picture in a month. Maybe I'll make that goal too.

Joyful Learner said...

You don't need to hurt your back! Lower the seat so Anna has full control. Take the pedals off and let her use it like a balance bike. Find a small grassy hill for her to get momentum. Once she has good balance, put the pedals back on and try again on the same hill. Google utube videos for learning to ride a bike for demonstrations. No need to hurt your back at all! Good luck!

MaryAnne said...

I really need to work on that picture goal! I have overdue doctor appointments to make, too. And a field trip would be nice - well, we can probably count our trip for that this month!

Thanks for linking up! =)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

This is so weird, I commented on this post yesterday, but it's not here. Here goes again...

I hope you get some sunshine in the month of April for outdoor fun together. I think you sent your rain here though:-). Rained for almost 10 days straight till yesterday.

I so know what you mean about kids growing too fast and time passing like water through your hands. I feel that way every day lately.

I am very overdue for my own doctor's appointments and have to make it a priority to make them--feeling very guilty for being so slack with myself.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend together and making out great at the library book sale!

The girl who painted trees said...

Hope you find great finds at the library sale! I always enjoy reading how your goals went and seeing what you are planning for the upcoming month.