Saturday, March 26, 2011

As always, it was a busy reading week. Two big chapter books are still Tonight on Titanic that Smarty keeps reading on and off and Jenny and the Cat Club. We also read a variety of fiction and non-fiction.
You Read to Me
We own the original You Read to Me by Mary Ann Hoberman, and Smarty was thrilled when I got Fairy Tales sequel in the library. We read it together as designed, and it was interesting to see how her reading-aloud fluency took off. There was time when she was switching to reading silently and unwilling to read aloud, but now she reads with expression and good speed even when the book is new to her. I also really like the stories themselves – very creative take on classic fairy tales.
A Bad Case of Stripes
Smarty: I recommend this book because the girl looks very colorful and strange.
Me: I saw A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon on many blogs before, and finally caught it in the library. To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether the story was scary or funny. Daughter, however, decided that it was funny, and was not even put off when the main character merged with her room. The story does send a good message about being yourself even though I keep thinking that so many problems could be avoided by simply having uniforms in schools.
Archaelogists Dig for Clues
Smarty: I recommend this book because kids are digging and finding things from the past. I learned how to make a needle. My favorite part is when they dug up a skeleton.
Me: … And then she made me read Archaelogists Dig for Clues by Kate Duke to her (she already had it on her shelf for two weeks). It took about an hour, since the book is quite long and there are a lot of cartoon bubbles on each page. But it is a really great introduction to archaeology, and I learned quite a lot from it myself.
Squeaking of ArtSmarty: I recommend this book because it makes me think of my own art. My favorite page is with children playing because I want to learn all their games.
Me: Squeaking of Art by Monica Wellington was definitely my own favorite of the week. Imagine going to the museum that has some of the most well known works of art, but they are subtly modified to be more suitable for the eyes and tastes of young children. They are also neatly arranged into categories – landscapes, portraits, abstract art, and each category is explained. The book also offers some engaging questions about the pictures. Smarty and I spent hours looking at the book and talking about the pictures. I am planning to buy this book soon, because I am sure that it will “scale up” nicely as Smarty grows older.


Mom and Kiddo said...

I really like how you are now including Anna's comments. It's fun to read what she thinks in her own words.

I have a post this week, but the linkz isn't open yet! So I'll have to come back later.

Anonymous said...

Another great week of books. I love that you are posting Anna's thoughts now too.

MaryAnne said...

They would have to be school-issued uniforms to get around all the problems. It's amazing how children can take very limited options and still turn it into a "best dressed" contest!

I love reading Anna's recommendations!

Sherry said...

We have one of those books by Mary Ann Hoberman--I think I'll introduce it to G next week. :)

I've always thought Bad Case of Stripes is rather odd, but my son thinks it's a hoot!

I really like Anna's comments as well.

Debbie said...

I agree with MaryAnne about the uniforms. After living near a Catholic school you would be surprised even with the uniforms, there was always competition over the type of blouse, or how blue was the skirt or the type of shoes.

Looks like a great selection of books this week.

Ticia said...

I must have missed where the uniforms is coming into play.......

The last book looks super cute. I saw a post from Silly Eagle Books (I think)earlier this week where the used book she bought had the masterpieces edited and underwear drawn on them.

Brimful Curiosities said...

I also enjoyed reading Anna's thoughts. It really adds to your post. This week we read a couple of books that include famous works of art. I think your last title would be something that we would enjoy as well.

learning ALL the time!!/Susan said...

We've read many of the titles you wrote about this week and enjoyed them. The last title "Squeaking of Art" looks so cute!

Kim said...

Ooh, can't wait to look for the art one. I'm planning an art unit for next month and another trip to the museum. It's been a while!

Elise said...

You always feature such interesting books. Squeaking of Art sounds like a wonderful book to own and one that would be enjoyed for years. I love books that you can enjoy and explore with your children, especially books where you spot something different every time you look at them.

How exciting for Anna to be growing herbs. Perfect for cooking!

We have also been using the fingerprint book this week. Savvy has been desigining fingerprint snow men and fairies!

Thank you for sharing the DSO website to listen to instruments - what a great resource to be able to use.

Jackie H. said...

Wow! A lot of links this week! That's exciting :)Thanks for hosting again!
I might check out the Fairy Tale book- even though my boys could read to me, I find it hard to find good fairy tale collections.