Friday, March 4, 2011

Anna is 4 years 4 months old. The week has started with me being sick, but it was a tail end of a bad cold. Unfortunately, on Wednesday Anna started to complain that her throat hurts, and now her voice is almost gone. Still we managed to have a couple of nice days and catch another break in rains. We got a glowing “progress report” from Anna’s preschool and the teachers highlighted her sense of humor. It’s true – she makes us laugh every day not so much by clowning (even though she does her fair share of clowning too), but just by making interesting comparisons or trying to make sense of the books she reads. Her theme in school was Wild Animals.
Fine motor skills and writing. Anna is still a reluctant writer, but her letter formation is improving. The last letter she can still not write is letter W (it always comes out as M). She and her grandma are now writing to each other once a week, but to be honest it took almost a week to get Anna to write 2 sentences for her letter. Well, this is a start :) I also try to encourage her to draw more, but this is something that she is only interested in when we draw together. We also tried sewing this week using a plastic grid. Anna was very proud of herself when she made her first stitches. The next step is to try to sew a button.
Play. Lego building is quite popular with Anna. She now enjoys building from instructions and sometimes surprises us with what she can do. Her papa brought her a couple of new sets from Germany including this seaplane, and she put it together practically on her own. She was very proud with her result. Other popular games this week were pillow fights and playing with a big balloon.
Quote of the week.
  • Anna: Swim coaches go to a special school and learn from other swim coaches. But how did the very first swim in the world coach learn to swim?
  • Me: Maybe he learned on his own.
  • Anna: No! He must have learned swimming from his parents.


Phyllis said...

We have been fighting illness this week, too. It looks like you had a great week despite it.

Ticia said...

I loved her quote. I've been fighting allergies this week, the fun of Texas in early Spring.

Following instructions for Legos is a new thing here too.

Joyful Learner said...

Then who was the first parent to teach swimming? How did s/he learn?? Sorry, Anna got me thinking. ;)

Julie said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I think Anna's letters look great. And I love her quote!

MaryAnne said...

I'm sorry to hear that Anna is sick also, now. I love the picture of her with her pillow, and the quote is wonderful!

I think a good sense of humor is an incredibly valuable life skill.

TheRockerMom said...

I hope that Anna feels better.

I love the quote... such deep thinking!

Debbie said...

That is neat that Anna is starting to follow the directions for the legos. Love her quote!

Christy said...

I hope Anna is feeling better. I have a cold, but so far no one else in the house has it.

I love the swim coach quote.

The girl who painted trees said...

What if you and Anna followed some of the drawing lessons on Fairy Dust Teaching? I am doing these with Bear every now and then and she loves it. I draw along. Today's is How tot draw the cat in the hat.

I ordered the Zaner Bloser first grade printing book for Bear to get her to practice writing her letters straight on lines. Anna's writing looks nice though.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Great activities! Sorry that you are fighting illness in your home. Hopefully, it is gone soon! Kerri

Kim said...

Poor Anna - I hope she feels better soon! Where did you get your plastic sewing grid? That might be something we could try here... I need to buy a new Lego set to see how Crumpet does with the directions... Lately it's been either huge Christmas sets that he couldn't possibly do, or build from our stash..