Friday, March 18, 2011


Anna is 4 years 4 months old. We had a lot of fun together this week despite the time change that we collectively hate. Anna is a night owl who loves to read herself to sleep. We were trying to get her to put down her books earlier, but it doesn’t pay off since then she talks and signs and stirs until 10:30 pm anyway. Then, of course, she is super tired on school days when she needs to get up at 7:30. Her school had a special event where a snake farmer brought live snakes to the classrooms. According to her teachers, Anna was all over the snakes and volunteered to be “a tree” for a python. I hope we will get some pictures of this. Now she is asking if she can get a snake for a pet.


Reading. Anna loves non-fiction books and she remembers what she reads pretty well. It’s too funny when your 4 old suddenly tells you something that you didn’t know before – for example, that sunflowers can grow taller than a giraffe! She loves all her first encyclopedias, and I will share another series she loves tomorrow in my What My Child Is Reading post.

Mar14_WorldScience and Social Studies. One of many things that I love about my daughter is that she is so curious about everything. She always loves to help out in the kitchen and our conversations skip from topic to topic – what happens to yeast in the oven, what vitamins are in pepper, will her poop turn green if she drinks milk colored with food coloring. She is also always listening to our conversations, so this week we were talking a bit about earthquakes, nuclear power and why engineers sometimes make mistakes thinking that they invented fail-safe systems.


Quote of the week: I want to be an astronaut, because I want to play with my food (thank you, Big Space Shuttle). I also want to be President because I will get to have two desserts (thank you, Madam President). And I want to be a scientist, because I want to invent amazing medicines that nobody invented before. Maybe I will invent a medicine for wrinkles, so you and papa can stay pretty (might be a bit late for us then, but this is very thoughtful indeed :))


Jennifer said...

Looks like a fun week!

MaryAnne said...

Anna is awesome. I can't believe she volunteered to be a tree for the snake! And I didn't know that sunflowers can grow taller than giraffes, that's pretty amazing!

The girl who painted trees said...

She's brave. I would never touch a snake! She is so funny with her comments.

TheRockerMom said...

I always love reading her quotes. They make me smile. :)

(We didn't care for the time change, either. No one asked if we wanted it.)

Ticia said...

I love her quotes as always. I need to work on being better at writing down what my kiddos say.

Of course all they say for when they grow up is the latest superhero.

CJ said...

We were thinking about getting encyclopedias for our daughter and happened to see this post today. Do you all use the DK First encyclopedias or the Disney encyclopedias? I vaguely remember reading about Disney encyclopedia too on this blog.
Thank you

Christy said...

I love Anna's quotes. She cracks me up.

We have been to two birthday parties that had a reptile guy and my kids would not touch a thing. It might be my fault - I stay as far away as possible from all of the reptiles. The worst part was that one of the reptile guys let a small alligator just walk all around the yard. It's mouth was taped, but it still scared me quite a bit. At one point, I ran in the house. I'm not getting a good mother award though; I left my kids outside!!! Ugh.

Kim said...

Oh, a pet snake. Joy. Ick... I want to be president now if I get to have 2 desserts...And please have her send me some of that wrinkle medicine ASAP!

Susana said...

Anna's quotes are always the best--very entertaining and so smart!

Oh, the time change has been awful. The first week I hated it. I have taken advantage of it the last two weeks though and taken the little boys out in the stroller most evenings after dinner. Win/Win situation--I get extra exercise and they aren't making a mess inside the house--LOL!