Friday, March 11, 2011


This was a nice week until Wednesday when both my husband and I started to come down with yet another cold. We spent some time outside, played and started planting in our garden. Anna is super excited to see if our seeds will sprout. I am curious to see what happens – it’s our first attempt at planting vegetables. Her theme in school was Habitats and at home we were talking about prehistoric people, presidents, “sickness of the brain”, who invented tissues, what makes day and night, how do people who lose wars feel after wars and whatever else came to her very active mind. Swimming is going much better and after a slow start Anna seems to make a very nice progress and will probably be ready for the next level by the end of the first 10-lesson stretch (we already signed her up).


Reading. This is a typical picture of Anna in the library. She just pulls a bunch of easy readers from the shelves and makes herself comfortable. Same happens at home when she spends a couple of hours every day reading. The biggest fights we usually have are about how many new books she is allowed to read every day. I usually keep library books in our bedroom and give them out gradually – about 3 per day.


Math. One of Anna’s favorite books this week was The Great Graph Contest by Loreen Leedy. It is the second time we took this book from the library, and she is asking me to buy it. The book does a great job explaining different type of graphs in a very entertaining format. Then Anna built her own graph with buttons of different shapes – she chose to use graph with tally marks for hers.


Writing/Fine Motor. Anna is somewhat more open to writing, especially on the paper that papa made for her on the computer. It is just a perfect size and has space for a picture and handwriting lines for a short message. She asks me to help her with spelling – not very interested right now to use invented spelling. I noticed that sometimes she tends to write only one or two letters of the word before she goes to the next word – I read that this is pretty normal for new writers. Still working on keeping spaces between words too.


Play. As any other child Anna really enjoys new things and “inventions” out of recyclables. A lot of fun is had with her “prehistoric gun”. She chose to read instead of playing during most of her “rest times” this week, but one day papa made her a Lego car big enough to fit her Playmobil people, and this generated a lot of “trips to the snow” for one lucky Playmobil family.


  • Quote of the week: Mama, my least favorite part of the day is that I tried to use my magic wand and magic words to turn the carpet into a cat, and they didn’t work!
  • Me: I am afraid it’s only possible in your imagination.
  • Anna: I know – imagination is my own world locked up inside my mind.


Christy said...

I always love Anna's quotes. It's great that swimming lessons are going so well! I hope you feel better.

littlewondersdays said...

Her quote of the week is so adorable and funny!

MaryAnne said...

I love the quote. What a fun child! I'm sorry you and your husband are both sick again - hopefully you recover quickly, and Anna stays healthy!

Debbie said...

I always love Anna's qrotes! Hope you get feeling better.

Jackie H. said...

love it- if only we could turn our carpet into a cat (and then turn it back when we didn't want to take care of it :)
By the way, my mom always had to put reading "limits" on me too :) Now that I'm "big" I guess I show her-- I read as much as I want-- well, as much as I can squeeze into a full day with the kids!

Joyful Learner said...

As for writing, consonants show up first (beginning and ending sounds) and then the vowels. There's a natural progression depending on her development. Sounds like she's on track!

hey said...

What a wonderful quote from Anna! Children say the most profound things don't they. :)