Friday, February 18, 2011

Anna is 4 years 3 months old. This week was much better in general mood at home. Anna was happy to exchange Valentines with her school friends and was delighted with her new pile of sweets (neighbors contributed to this pile too!). I am trying something new at home – doing one short joint activity in the late afternoon after I get home from work and leaving the rest of the evening for free play and helping around the house. We were finishing up with Birds at home, and Anna’s school unit was on Five Senses. The highlight of the week was that she actually “won a contest” in the swim class by staying under water longest – this girl pushes  herself so much farther in the contest or a game than she does on her own accord.
Math. Some of our “short joint projects” were games with various manipulatives. Anna is a lot more interested lately in actually following instructions and creating something by looking at a sample, so she had fun playing with her mosaic set (I got this set during my last trip to Israel). We also played with pattern blocks and, of course, with her magna tiles. She commented casually to me while building with her pattern blocks how she cannot make a square with triangles here, but she can make squares with “special triangles” from her magna tiles set.
Literacy. Papa took Anna to the “puppetry workshop” in the library, and she built a sock puppet. And if you give a Mouse a puppet, she will want to put a puppet show, so our puppet theater came into rotation again. Anna’s favorite “play” is the one that her papa plays for her sometimes – it involves animals falling in the hole in front of the house, because they are too busy talking to an audience.
Fine Motor Skills. Most fine motor skills activities were “accidental”. Anna always has access to her pens, notebooks, some workbooks, etc. She works in them when she wants, and lately she is more interested in tracing and writing. She is not interested in coloring and drawing and would rather read or build in her free time than draw. We also did some Valentine crafting at home, but I really had to nag her to complete her Valentines. I am glad they are over!
Play. There was a lot of free play in the house this week. Anna is usually not into dolls, but she was all over her doll box when I suggested pretending that she is a babysitter. Apparently, this particular doll was suffering from never-ending diarrhea and then developed chicken pox.  Another popular game this week was going on a trip in a laundry basket.
Favorite quote of the week: Those things that never end… like a number line or space… Do they have a beginning? Where?


Christy said...

She is 4 years, 3 months, right? I think that's a typo in your post.

I love the doll play! That sounds like something that would go on here too.

Love love that quote!

Debbie said...

Looks like a fun week to me. I got a kick out of her playing babysitter, boy I don't know of too many babysitters who would enjoy taking care of such a sick child.

MaryAnne said...

I love her quote - she's such a thinker! Very clever to figure out the bit about triangles that can make squares, too.

That mosaic set looks great!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Great quote! She's quite a thinker.

Ticia said...

That's quite an intrepid babysitter.

The play would have been a huge hit here as well. Anything with people falling is always wildly popular.

Phyllis said...

A very varied and full week. Lovely.

Joyful Learner said...

Thank God for babysitters! I wish I had one when we're all feeling ill.

Aren't those Magna Tiles great?!

Kim said...

You get such great toys from abroad... Funny babysitting adventures - she's prepping for her career as a pediatrician... Glad she's more interested in writing!

Our Homeschool Fun said...

HA! I am really laughing at her doll's diagnosis and sicknesses. She is so imaginative. I know she must keep you smiling daily!

Between friends and family, yourself and Lars, Anna gets some super original toys!