Friday, January 21, 2011


Anna is 4 years 3 months old. We are enjoying better weather and shorter work week this week. Unfortunately, Anna was sniffling this weekend and at some point has lost her voice completely, so we were mostly hanging out at home. She was not happy to miss another birthday party she was invited to, but was somewhat consoled when she could still give a present to her friend and receive a party favor in return. The teachers in school are telling us that she loves to make other kids laugh and pretty good at telling stories. She told me that she is making up stories in her head when she goes to bed but didn’t want to share any – “it’s a secret, mommy”.


Math. We are still doing some math worksheets, but we are trying to focus more on “thinking math” – figuring out answers from the verbal clues, logical reasoning and sequencing. We also did more work on symmetry by folding more paper and cutting space aliens and space ships. I don’t put a lot of emphasis on “math facts” – I will leave that to her kindergarten teacher next year :)


Science. It was the Solar System week in the house. Anna is very fascinated with this topic. She created a solar system out of homemade playdoh, and read many books about space and planets. She also played through a planet mission on the computer where she enjoyed putting planets in order and answering quiz questions about them. Now she added “astronaut” to the list of her future careers.


Arts and Crafts. The weather was warm enough to take crafting outside a couple of times. We were making some “mini-crafts” in small doses for the big space collage – they all involved cutting, drawing, coloring and decorating assorted aliens and spacecrafts. I hope to reveal the completed project next week. Her independent projects also involved some cutting and gluing – a step forward from cutting everything into “a salad”.


Play. The “toy of the week” was definitely Lego, especially when papa was joining in building spaceships too. We also tried two new games this week – Connect 4 and Crazy 8s. Crazy 8s was an instant hit – daughter definitely prefers games of chance to strategy games at this point. I wish we had one more player for Apples to Apples Jr – Anna likes the game a lot, but it’s just not as much fun with three people.


Christy said...

It sounds like you had another great week. I love that picture of Anna outside crafting. We should do a space unit; my kids would like that. I did one with C a couple years ago and he really enjoyed it.

Warm weather sounds nice. It is snowing hard right now (school canceled today) and we are supposed to have below zero temps the next few days.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm with Anna on the games of chance :) Your warm weather does sound nice. We had one, very strange, warm day this week, that melted everything, and the kids even got to bike ride - then it was back to winter.

Debbie said...

I love her making up stories in her sleep and that they are a secret. We get a lot of that here too, all of Selena's dreams are stories. I agree with Christy oh the warmer weather would be so nice. We had one decent cold day where we got to go out and explore a bit but now the rains are back. Glad you had a great week.

Ticia said...

The thinking math sounds like a great idea. I might see if I can try that.

Jeff hates apples to applesso I haven't tried the junior one yet

Joyful Learner said...

After reading your reviews for Apples to Apples, I noticed that they sell it at Walgreens. Every time I go, I read the box trying to figure out what kind of game it is but I have yet to figure it out! But then again, K and Anna are like apples and oranges so my guess is it wouldn't go so well with K. She's not a big chance game person either and I am thinking of giving away Candyland.

Anna looks like she's ready for school! I'm sure she'll dazzle the teachers!

MaryAnne said...

We are covered in snow, so it's hard to imagine crafting outside right now! We brought snow inside to play with, because it's too deep for the kids to play in outside - and frequently too cold! I wish we could send some your way, just for a couple hours for you to enjoy =)

It sounds like you had a fun week, with lots of fun learning for Anna!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What a great week -- and it must be so nice to finally have some warmer weather! We got 5 more inches of snow today!!

I love the solar system out of play dough idea! :-)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Anna is adorable in these pictures Natalie. She's looking so much more big girl to me lately.

Legos are always a huge hit here because they are bound to draw Jamie over and the kids love doing anything with him, because you know, he's way cooler than me:-).

I hope you are all enjoying your family time together this weekend and feeling well!

littlewondersdays said...

What a fun week! I'm envious that you were able to craft outside. I loved her planet system. I'm trying to think of games for 3 people, we like zingo, hullabaloo, and great states.