Monday, January 31, 2011

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January was a busy and peaceful month in our house. It was not entirely easy to get back into routine after December vacations, but we eventually found our groove. We did quite well in “time outside” part of my plan for 2011. The weather was beautiful, and we tried to spend some time outside every day. Anna is becoming quite a biker, and I hope that her training wheels will come off soon. I give myself solid A here.
It’s tempting to approach "organizationas one major spurt, but my husband and I decided to take more pragmatic approach this year. Every week we spend one evening on one organization project. It’s good to work together and discuss where things are going, what to keep and what to toss. It’s also exciting to see some free space on our shelves and in our minds. B+ grade, because maybe we could have done a bit more, and I still have a big mess on my desk.
We are still working on establishing traditions. Our daughter loves structure and knowing what to expect and she doesn’t react well when we have to reschedule things that were promised to her due to unexpected events or simply due to being tired. I definitely sense the need for more play that is directed by her, but I have also been thinking that she needs to learn to help more and to appreciate the fact that parents need some down time as well. B for effort :)
Jan22_Natalie I started the year well with my exercise goals, but slipped in the second half of the month. I do have an excuse – I exercise in the living room, and my parents are using it now. I try to walk around more while talking on conference calls and to stretch. Also, my work coffee buddy and best friend at work has quit, so I cut down on my morning coffee runs from every day to about 2 times a week. One of these times I meet my former coffee buddy outside and go for a long walk with her. I lost one pound in January, so I give myself B-.
In February I want to focus more on free play and resurrect our “learning boxes”. I let them stagnate, and Anna lost interest in them. I want to continue spending time outside, plant a small vegetable garden and have happy times with my family. Let’s hope that we won’t have any unexpected curve balls that will throw these plans off.
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Our Homeschool Fun said...

Good luck with your goals for February!!

I am doing so bad with exercise, so inconsistent. Seems like each time I get a good week of it in, it rains for the next week or someone gets sick, or is up all night day:-)!

I think it's great you set goals for yourself and your family each month.

Ticia said...

I need to work on exercising mire but I haven't found a good time yet

MaryAnne said...

I get an F for my goal of spending time outside this month - although the weather has not been very cooperative! I did get some extra exercise shoveling snow, at least!

It sounds like you're doing a great job with goals, overall. I hope you have a really nice month in February, and that you enjoy the rest of your parents' visit!

Thanks for linking up =)

The girl who painted trees said...

You've done so well with your goals overall. I am failing at my goal to fit in exercise. The only part of my body exercising is my fingers on the computer keyboard! We also haven't spent much time outside because I can't stand the cold. So glad I don't live up North. Thankfully it is warming up a bit and hopefully it will stay this way:)

Infant Bibliophile said...

I'm so jealous that your husband will do an organization project with you. I would love if my husband would agree to this. It's a lot more fun when you are doing it with someone else. I am still really trying to get my house in order this year, but I fell off the bandwagon a bit this month and am having trouble catching up again.

littlewondersdays said...

I'm so impressed that you set monthly goals and then evaluate them! I need to start doing this more.

Debbie said...

You want more exercise...get a puppy those morning and evening walks has increased my exercise a lot! Good job on meeting your goals head on, even though some do not feel like you have achieved them totally your off to a great start so far!

Elise said...

I need to take a month by month approach too and evaluate my goals at the end of each month. My main goal for this year was about restoring balance into my life - some days are better at others when it comes to this.

You have done really well and sound as though you have accomplished a great deal already.

catb said...

note to self, ask Nat to more walks ;)

btw - what are learning boxes?

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I'm so jealous of your lovely weather! It's been far too cold to do much of anything outside around here, and we're expected to get even more snow this week. Insane!

Good luck with February's goals -- we'll be cheering you on!

Kim said...

Looks like a successful month!

Christy said...

We miss spending a lot of time outside. Your weather is so nice!

We really have to work on organizing around here too. I'm still struggling with the overload of Christmas toys.