Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone! We have finally waded through a big stack of our own Christmas books. I think Smarty was on Christmas overload by the end of it, since she kept pulling other books from her own library. What Do People Do All Day by Richard Scarry remains a clear favorite from our home library for the third month running. But here are other picks from this week.
Twas the Night Before Christmas

We received this version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas from Tiger Tales for winter review, and I held it back until now. It’s a beautiful and playful take on the famous poem, since all characters are mice and not people. The book also has gorgeous “touch and feel” pages, and Smarty really enjoyed it. She had fun comparing and contrasting it with another edition illustrated by Becky Kelly that we already owned.
Laura's Christmas Star
Laura Star series by Klaus Baumgart are quite popular in Germany. We even have a movie at home (which daughter doesn’t want to watch since it’s in German). Incidentally, English version of Laura’s Christmas Star was also published by Tiger Tales, but I bought it at the library book sale. As all other Tiger Tales books, it’s very beautifully illustrated. I was amazed to see Smarty sit down with this book and read it from start to finish, since it’s a pretty long story and has a lot of text per page. She can truly read anything now that appeals to her.
The Sandwich Swap
Smarty pulled The Sandwich Swap from “New Arrivals” shelf in the library. Only after she read it to me and asked some questions I saw that it was written by Queen Rania of Jordan, which is by itself very fascinating. Smarty wanted to know why Queen Rania is not wearing a crown in her picture on the jacket of the book. The story is really good and some adults in high places would benefit from reading it. How often we look down at something that is not part of our culture? That’s what the story is about. We both give it five stars.
Time for Ballet
Since we watched Nutcracker last week, both The Nutcracker Ballet by Vladimir Vagin and Time for Ballet by Adele Geras were quite popular this week. We read a couple of other books by Adele Geras about ballet, and she makes ballet sound very fun. Her books will definitely be appreciated by little ballerinas out there. I also like that they come with a good story and beautiful illustrations as well.


Debbie said...

Sounds like some great books. I will have to look for The Sandwich Swap. I will be posting about the books we gave Selena for Christmas tomorrow. While I took our books back to the library I just didn't find the time to check any new ones out with Christmas and all. I guess we need to make a trip to the library this week.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Look! I'm first. :) Usually I find celebrity books a bit eeeeh, however I love Trisha Tusa's illustrations so I might just have to look up The Sandwich Shop.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I love Laura's Star - especially in German, but the children won't watch it for the same reason. That was one of the books we had on hold, that never made it in, thanks to a library software update glich, that dropped all the on hold lists.

You've got me really curious about The Sandwih Shop. It sounds very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another great round of books. We're slowly starting to shelve our Christmas books and rotate winter theme into our basket, but I'd love check out a copy of The Sandwich Swap.

Ticia said...

those all sound so cute and fun. I'm curious about the Sandwich Shop, I wonder how it'd be taken to here. Seems like a good one in general for trying new things.

Jackie H. said...

Well, I'm with everyone else. The one that piqued my interest is definitely The Sandwich Swap :)

Elizabeth Bennett said...

It's never too late for a great Christmas story! Thanks for including Twas the Night Before Christmas in your post. Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas.
Happy Reading,
tiger tales

MaryAnne said...

Have you ever read Klaus Baumgart's "Little Green Dragon" books? We were introduced to them in France, but they are originally written in German. Unfortunately, they are out of print in English, at least...

Christy said...

I have to get Time for Ballet - R loves ballet books.

We have a bunch of night before Christmas books and I always save them for Christmas Eve and then we are out so late that night that we never get to read them.