Tuesday, December 21, 2010

image Even though we didn’t get around to formal “Christmas Around the World” study, we did read two great books that I want to share. Both were library finds.
Christmas in Other Lands
Christmas in Other Lands by Janet McDonell is a fairly old book from Circle the Year With Holidays. We stumbled upon Thanksgiving book from the same series in our library, and it was pretty popular. It’s similar in format to Anne Rockwell series about kindgergarten celebrations. In this book a school class celebrates Christmas with “guides” from five different countries – Mexico, Sweden, Greece, Zimbabwe and The Philippines. We looked up all the countries on the map and Smarty told me that she wants to visit them all for Christmastime.
Joy to the World
Joy to the World is a collection of Christmas stories from different countries. They are more exotic than previous set – Syria, Malta, Mexico (OK, this is an overlap), Ghana and Russia. We also looked them up on the map, and it was fascinating to see how different countries have the stories that reflect realities of their daily lives. Russian entry was the story of Babushka that appears to be well known, except that I have never heard of it when I was back home.
I was hoping to make some sort of activity for Christmas around the world (some are recommended in the first book), but Smarty suddenly came down with a nasty bug and a high fever on Monday. I certainly hope that she feels better by Wednesday, since we were all looking forward to going to see Nutcracker ballet.
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Debbie said...

I sure hope Anna is feeling better.

Kim said...

I hope Anna feels better. And how interesting that you were unfamiliar with the Russian story. I always wonder about that when we are reading about traditions in other countries - how true is it all? I guess Russia is a big country and maybe it is popular in one part?

Mom and Kiddo said...

I hope Anna feels better quickly.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Poor Anna - I hope she makes the Nutcracker. Has she seen it before? If not, be prepared, it's pretty long for little ones.

MaryAnne said...

These books sound great! I hope Anna does make it to the Nutcracker. I wonder if she got the same bug my kids just got over - sudden high fever and really miserable. I'm just glad they were all better in time for our flight yesterday!

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Oh, I sure hope Anna is ok to attend the Nutcracker. I hope she kicks what she has. My poor boys had a terrible time with it and it turned into nasty colds and ear infections. You know about our time this last month.

I pray Anna is feeling better already and is well to enjoy the ballet and Christmas!

Christy said...

I hope that Anna is feeling better and that you all enjoyed the Nutcracker.

I am making note of these books for next year. I really like the Christmas around the world theme. There is a Caillou Christmas dvd that has that theme; we own it and the kids still enjoy watching it. It's not as babyish as the tv show.

How funny that you did not know the Babushka story.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope she was better today and you went to the Nutcracker. I'd love to hear her reaction to it. I'm looking forward to taking my crew when everyone is a tad older.