Tuesday, November 2, 2010

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October has been a very busy month for us. There was a lot of juggling between our jobs and taking care of Anna. All the excitement of the birthday was great, but it also brought some additional testing. Seriously, Anna probably thought that becoming 4 will grant her some sort of additional superpowers and new privileges. She did get some – like her new bunk bed, the requirement of brushing teeth twice a day and eating what adults eat. The last one is slow going – Anna is a very picky eater and her favorite food at the moment is pasta with butter. Seriously, sometimes I am considering to starve her to the point where veggies suddenly sound very attractive to her.

As for my other October goals, we enjoyed our times with friends, but we haven’t been able to go on any field trips this month. Somehow we just couldn’t master energy for them between busy work load and my desire to just hang out with Anna at home on weekends. We also didn’t make any progress on the garage, and I am almost afraid to put this goal on November list because it’s embarrassing to write about it every month and still get nowhere. And this brings me to November goals:

  1. 1. It’s hard for me to plan for November now since I expect some changes at work that might really impact what happens in November. My resolution is to think before I act and to talk everything out with my husband before I make any work-related commitments that might have serious impact on our future.
  2. 2. Encourage Anna to play more with kids in the neighborhood. We have a pretty vibrant “playborhood” with many kids of different ages spending a lot of time outside. She is really opening up socially lately, and it would be great if she starts making friends with neighborhood kids.
  3. 3. Figure out Thanksgiving – it will be different this year, since my parents are not coming. I still want to have turkey, so we are looking to invite some friends to spend this holiday with us.
  4. 4. Reduce my online time. I love blogging, I really do. But reading blogs, commenting and responding to emails can become such a huge time suck. I have to be honest with myself – on good days I spend about 90 minutes a day by writing my own posts, reading and commenting on other blogs and responding to comments. It can be a lot more on other days when I procrastinate and spend time reading more blogs instead of living my life. I feel bad sometimes that I don’t get to respond to everyone or to at least visit every commenter on my blog, but I just can’t afford to spend so much time in online world. Notice – I didnt say “waste so much time”. I enjoy getting to know other people and other blogs. It’s my form of recreation, and I will continue to do so. I just have to put stricter limits on the time I spend on these activities.
  5. 5. And begrudgingly I am putting garage organization on this list yet again. I still didn’t figure out the way of how it will be done, but maybe if I achieve goal 4, goal 5 will fall in place by itself :)

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Christy said...

C's favorite meal is pasta with butter and he is not fond of veggies either. It's frustrating. R, on the other hand, makes her own salads!!

Good luck with work and the changes.

I definitely know what you mean about blogging. I love it too, but I have come to realize that I just can't read every blog, respond to every comment, and link up to every linky. I'm always worried about offending people who comment on my blog, but there just isn't enough time in the day.

Ticia said...

I think there's something about holidays that we're all trying to cut back on blogging. I'm making an effort, but it's not always going as well as I'd like......

You've got me curious with goal 1.

Joyful Learner said...

I don't comment on every post and I relaxed about the linkies. But I'm neurotic about posting one a day...sort of like vitamins. So, I post in advance and then there's no pressure. Does that make sense?

MaryAnne said...

I'm curious about goal 1, too!

I find it hard to balance my love of blogging with the very limited time I have to do it in, also. I sometimes do schedule several posts in advance, and that helps, but only when I have time to write all the posts!

Good luck with the garage. I should have made that one of my goals also.

Thanks for linking up! =)

Debbie said...

The last couple of weeks here the blogging has seemed overwhelming. I ask why? I realize like Joyful Learner stated, I too will have posts sometimes lined up a week to two ahead, and I fell short on that the last couple of weeks with our life things. I feel bad at times when I don't comment or respond to those who leave comments on my blog, but I have to remember the one's that are the most important to me, get those first, then if there is time I do venture on to the others, if not I have to just let it go.

Looking forward to hearing more about how your November comes together both job wise, and Thanksgiving time.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Good luck with all that is coming up that is job related. I hope it works out to be advantageous for you and your family.

That is super that your neighborhood is full of children for Anna! We aren't that lucky in ours.

As far as blogging and computer time goes, I explained this to you in detail a few days ago. Back in May I deactivated my FB account and I stopped commenting on lots of blogs--I mean lots! I also used to reply to every comment through email and feel obligated to visit and comment on the blogs of each and every one who left a comment on mine. This was totally sucking the fun out of blogging for me, not to mention the HUGE amount of daily time it took to do so.

I love blogging--sharing with others, documenting memories and our school journey, learning from others. Blogging is a huge homeschool network for me and a big support group as a mom/woman in general. Blogging is also recreational for me as it is for you. But...

To keep up the pace of commenting, posting and reading blogs that I was going at was taking too much time away from my kids and Jamie. Once I stopped commenting my own comments on my blog dropped by over 50% and still they are usually very sparse. At first, this really bothered me I have to be honest. But, after a while it was fine.

I have finally, finally come to a point where I only blog for me. I blog to document, and the sharing with others part is an added bonus. I can't comment on every blog, can't do most linkies, can't/don't want to post daily, and cannot reply to most comments through email either. I do answer all questions left in comments, but I try to do this now as much as possible through Disqus instead of email. It is much simpler and easy to keep it short and sweet.

I agree with Debbie above too as far as leaving comments on other blogs--I leave comments on the blogs of those who are my blogging friends and who regularly leave them on mine (like you:-) ), and usually that's about it.

Whew!! I hope you find a good balance with your blogging and online time too. It takes some tweaking and self-discipline, but you will feel better once you do--promise:-)!!

Aging Mommy said...

My daughter's tastes in food continue to be very limited - pasta, pizza and chicken are about it for lunch or dinner.

I agree with you with regards to blogging, I am finding to hard to cut down my time spent on my blog and reading others even further but know I need to do so.

Kim said...

Crumpet goes through great eating phases, and times when he wants McDonalds and nothing else. The best part is he's a vegetarian, so he actually doesn't eat anything at McD's. He just feels like eating junk, and that's all he can think of... Hopefully, Anna will improve - just keep offering her healthy food (I know how annoying it is to just throw it away...). I make a lot of fruit smoothies here and sometimes you can hide veg in them...
I understand the blogging taking over your life. I do very little of it, and am bad about commenting, but otherwise I get overwhelmed and start to hate it. There are great things about it, and not so great. I'm glad to hear you won't disappear though - I enjoy your posts and your comments!
Thanksgiving here is also up in the air - Crumpet and I are volunteering in the morning. Then we could invite all of my friends whose husbands are deployed and have a big party, or we could eat pizza and have a quiet day. I can't decide which I'd prefer!
And it might be time to call the garage fairies and pass off the job to them...Good luck!

Hallie said...

I can't thankyou enough for all of the inspiring posts you share! While I know it is work for you....you help bring more order to my day and planning!

I am giving you the Versatile blogger award! Please stop by formore details!