Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Since Anna could only recall big dinner and grandparents from prior Thanksgiving celebrations, we read many books on Thanksgiving history this year. I wasn’t sure just how well she will take them, but she was quite interested and reread The First Thanksgiving by herself many times. I learned quite a lot myself from reading these books. I don’t expect her to retain most of it, but now we own half of these books, so we can read them next year as well.


In addition to reading about Thanksgiving and playing Thanksgiving, Anna enjoyed her “Thanksgiving activity book” from Enchanted Learning. Some of the pages were intimidating to her, but she gave each of them a few tries by now (I put contact paper over pages). She seems to be more interested in printables when they are bound in a book or presented as a lapbook.


And here is a Thanksgiving story from Anna. I helped her get started by providing the very first sentence.

I am a Pilgrim girl. I sailed on the Mayflower across the wide sea from England. I wear purple shoes, white and purple dress and a white hat (dress colors clearly came from her paper doll). When we first came, we didn’t meet anybody. In winter we didn’t have much food, so many of us died. Only 51 of us survived this terrible sickness (she really said this, I didn’t correct this sentence in any way. But after this she kind of lost focus on the story and I had to return her to it a couple of times with And then? questions). We met first two friends. Then we met more friends. They taught us how to plant corn, and hunt food and catch eels and sea otters. (Me: Sea otters? Anna: Yes, sea otters, and also whales). We hunted wild turkeys and deer when the cold weather came again. And then we celebrated Thanksgiving. The end.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Come and share your adventures in time and space at History/Geography exchange hosted by Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.


Debbie said...

What a sweet story she made up. We never were able to get our hands on any Thanksgiving books here. Thank you for linking up this week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mozer said...

Great list of books. We read a couple of them---will need to look for the others.


MaryAnne said...

She really seems to have excellent comprehension skills! My kids have zero interest in the Thanksgiving so far, and apparently no memory of previous years' Thanksgiving dinners. Maybe they will remember Thanksgiving this year, and that will help fuel their interest next year? Emma will be in kindergarten, which I'm hoping will also help.

Christy said...

I love Anna's story.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ticia said...

I can tell she's been reading "The First Thanksgiving" alot from her story. I think they actually used the phrase "terrible sickness" in there.

Kim said...

Clever girl. I'm glad we don't have to eat sea otters any more!

The girl who painted trees said...

Great comprehension on her part. We read a handful of Thanksgiving books here. But I never really asked her any questions later to see if she'd internalized anything. Great idea to have her tell you a story. I love how it came out so naturally from her readings.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I love Anna's story! She is so smart Natalie! Her turkey is precious too.

I hope your family had a wonderful day together on Thanksgiving and enjoyed your weekend together too.

Just remembering your post a while back and wanted to add...I hope things are going well at work and if you've had to or are in the process of making any decisions that all is working out to make you all happy.