Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We are off to Brazil in our geography journey, but to wrap-up our 3 week “virtual stay” in Australia, I put together a lapbook for Smarty. It’s my first foray in lapbooking, and  as I was making it I kept wondering as to how some people manage to cram them full of stuff. Our lapbook is fairly simple, but I wanted to share the resources we used:
Page 1: An envelope with a postcard from Australia that we received from Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds  and Australian cards from Target geography and animal packs – Urulu, kangaroo and koala. Smarty was not interested in them at all so far.
Nov12_Lapbook3 Inside (Page 2 – Page 3) we have:
I put contact paper over printables, so they can be used more than once. So far Smarty did word search and dot-to-dot and expressed no interest in coloring, drawing or writing.
Page 4 was by far the most popular. I printed out Australian outfits for these paper dolls. I added “paper straps” to outfits to hold them on the dolls, but they made it too difficult for Smarty to keep clothes on, so I ended up buying removalble glue dots and stuck them on the dolls. Daughter has a lot of fun dressing and undressing her dolls – now they are all ready for the trip to Amazon rainforest. And, by the way, she colored a koala and a kangaroo on this page using dot markers – original coloring page came from here.
My opinion about this project is mixed. Smarty didn’t use it as much as I expected, at least not yet. On the other hand, I think it will be a fun memory of her “visit” to Australia, and I enjoyed putting it together. Perhaps she will enjoy looking through all these materials and doing activities when she feels like it. I am yet to decide whether I am going to put one together for Brazil. On the off chance any of my readers are in Brazil and interested in postcard exchange, please let me know :) Come and share your adventures in time and space at History/Geography exchange hosted by Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.


Christy said...

It looks great! I have thought about lapbooking, but I never have. I would do it if I homeschooled because I think it's a great way to keep a record and have something to refer back to as a refresher.

MaryAnne said...

Those paper dolls look great! I've laminated paper dolls (and their clothing) and then used double sided tape to stick on the clothes with great success, similar to your glue dots solution.

I have thought about making lapbooks, but never have. I feel like maybe it's something my kids will enjoy more once they are a little older?

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Lapbooks always look so interesting, but we've never tried them, either. We even had a friend give us several History Pocket books (basically lapbooks, with all the thinking done for you), and we still didn't give it a try - I'm not sure why.

Debbie said...

Great lapbook you put together. I have mixed feelings about lap books too. We made simple ones last year, even simpler then the one you made to help tell a story, but no real activities in it. Selena enjoyed those, but I don't know if she would really enjoy a real lapbook. I love the paper doll you added in there.

Ticia said...

Valerie from Frugal Family Fun Blog used to live in Brazil (she told me when we were studying S America).

Gauchos, that was her suggestion for Brazil. Brazilian cowboys.

Joyful Learner said...

I tried making one and it was too much work. I figure it will be nice as a project for JC to do when she can make on independently.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Your lapbook looks great, and I like that it's not too overwhelming. The paper dolls are a fantastic addition! How lucky is Anna to have received a postcard from Australia?? That's awesome!

The girl who painted trees said...

I can't seem to get into lapbooks, but I like how you kept yours simple and like Valerie, I think the paper doll is a nice touch.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Natalie, this lapbook looks aweseome!!

I love the doll!

Hanna is my "lapbooker" here:-). Has alot to do with the fact that she can do it on her own now!!

Eva said...

Love the lapbook :) great idea to make one for geography. Thanks for sharing the resources you used!