Saturday, October 9, 2010

Animal Jamboree

We love Giles Andreae books, and Anna was very excited to receive ABC Animal Jamboree in her big box of books from Tiger Tales. She immediately grabbed this book for independent reading and was making up her own tunes for the rhymes in the book. We happen to own two previous titles from Andreae/Wojtowycz – Commotion in the Ocean and Rumble in the Jumble, and this book is a superset of both – worth having in a home library, especially if you don’t have the first two.

The cow that went oink

We enjoy books by Bernard Most, but The Cow That Went Oink is Anna’s favorite. I brought it from the library before and featured it in my recommendations, but it’s still so popular that I will feature it again. I like the books that are appropriate for a wide age group, funny and can be used as early picture readers. This one fits the bill. It’s also about the usefulness of speaking a foreign language :)

George and Martha

I am probably the only one who has never heard of George and Martha series by James Marshall before I saw a reference in the book I was reading. It was recommended as a humor book for young readers without toilet references. Again, it was a big favorite for independent reading, and Anna found it quite funny. I am sure we are going to be checking other George and Martha books from the series next time we visit the library.

First Day Hooray

Looking back at my selections for this post, I see that they all have something in common. They all have subtle humor in them without being forcefully funny. First Day Hooray by Nancy Poydar (I read it to Anna several times) also belongs to this category, and I have to remember to read it again next year before school starts. It talks about how different people prepare for the first day – it includes a little girl who starts school, a custodian, a bus driver, a kindergarten teacher and a principal. My favorite part was seeing how all of them have fearful dreams before the first day and then the dreams are gone, and they all have a wonderful day.

What are your children reading? Please link up and share – linky is open all week.


Julie said...

I think I just saw George and Martha books on a list of books for boys. I don't think we've read them before either. I'm fairly certain we've read The Cow that Goes Oink though. I should get that again!

Fairion said...

We really liked George and Martha as well. I am sure Anna will have fun following their adventures.

Christy said...

We own Commotion in the Ocean and read it regularly; I'll have to look for this book.

We love George and Martha!

I don't remember reading The Cow that Goes Oink so I'll have to request that.

Debbie said...

I don't know that I have heard of George and Martha books either.

I've seen the Cow that Goes Oink, but I don't believe we've read it either. I will have to take another look next time we go to the library.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Hmmm...I can see we're going to have to look for the cow book.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

We've read The Cow who went Oink, and I distinctly remember M's big belly laughs. It wasn't really my favorite book, but I always appreciate a book that makes him laugh out loud. We've also only read one George and Martha book, and honestly, I didn't know there was a series. We'll have to see if we can find more.

Thanks for hosting! It's good to be linking up again. :)

Infant Bibliophile said...

We must read the Cow That Went Oink! That's a big joke around here, making a certain animal puppet say the wrong noise. I have George and Martha on my shelf from a library booksale - will have to pull it out again.

I'll be linking up whenever my son decides to fall asleep for his nap.

Drea said...

We'll have to check out the George and Martha book. Your cow books sounds like one that we read this week "The Cow Who Clucked"! :)

The girl who painted trees said...

We enjoyed George and Martha last year. The Animal Jamboree looks great.

LitLass said...

My 7-year-old just got George and Martha: The Complete Stories from his school library for his brother. My 4-year-old had gotten all of the G & M books he could find from the public library and NEEDED to have the Complete Stories. We haven't read the other books on your list--we'll have to check them out.

Ticia said...

Next year also read "Miss Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten," super cute pseudo alphabet book about a teacher getting ready for school and her students too.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I think The Cow That Went Oink would be a hit here--thank you:-).