Saturday, October 23, 2010

We read a lot of good books this week. Smarty was mostly interested in fact-based books – probably her reaction to too many Halloween books. It was definitely Lois Ehlert week in the house – two of the three books are making to the list of Smarty's favorites.
Growing Vegetable Soup
Growing Vegetable Soup was requested every night this week, which is somewhat surprising since Smarty could easily read it on her own. But she had a lot of questions about vegetables – why some of them are planted as sprouts and some of them are planted as seeds, why some of them need stakes, why some of the stalks seem to bend while others are straight. I definitely feel that we need to have a vegetable garden of our own next year, so she can observe all this for real. She was a lot less interested in the last part of actually making vegetable soup – sadly, she is not a fan of eating vegetables.
Lots of Spots
Lots of Spots is a very recent book by Lois Ehlert – we picked it on the “new books” shelf of the library. While I really enjoyed the illustrations (very colorful collages that just ask to be made into a StArt project), I didn’t care much for the story because of its “SAT words” and forced rhymes. I was also somewhat confused with the flow of the book that started talking about camouflage and then suddenly switched into birds and mammals.  Smarty, however, really enjoyed the book and read it many times – both with us and on her own.
Pigs Picnic
The Pigs Picnic by Keiko Kazca is a story that will make both adults and kids laugh. Mr Pig is eager to impress Ms Pig, and his animal friends are very willing to help. The illustrations are very detailed, and Smarty was fascinated by one of them where a zebra span out of his stripes and gave them to Mr Pig. Of course, as expected, Mr Pig only succeeds when he learns to be who he really is. The book made it to Smarty
s bed several nights, so it was obviously very comforting to her.
Puzzle Ocean
I stumbled on Usborne Young Puzzle Book series accidentally and decided to try one out from the library. I wasn’t sure about it even when I looked through Puzzle Ocean, since my daughter is not really interested in look-and-find books at the moment, but she was quite interested in this book since it also came with the story line. It’s not a book to sit and read in one sitting. We are still going through it, but I thought I will bring this series to the attention of my readers. It’s definitely worth a try.
Out of the Ocean
My “honorary mention” goes to Out of the Ocean by Debra Frasier. Smarty enjoyed the book as well, but she was focusing on tangible treasures that were found by the girl telling this story. She now keeps asking me when we can go “treasure hunting” at the beach. I almost wish the author didn’t include abandoned toys as possible beach finds. The main message of the book is that nature can give you anything you want if you know where to look, and the illustrations (combination of cut paper collages and photos) are beautiful.


Phyllis said...

I love Growing Vegetable Soup. We buy a copy and read it until it wears out. Even my older kids like it.

Christy said...

I love Lois Ehlert.

I'm going to look for Puzzle Ocean. Thanks.

Debbie said...

All these books sound great. I definitely want to look for the first and third book.

LitLass said...

We'll need to check out the Usborne Puzzle books--I'll have to see if I can find the Chocolate Island one. My older son loved the Usborne 1001 Things to Spot books.

Julie said...

Also love Lois Ehlert books. We have Growing Vegetable Soup and many others of hers. Thanks for hosting the book basket carnival! I have missed participating in these. :)


Ticia said...

Growing Vegetable soup would be a good one for us right now. My kids are all about "Is this healthy?" Now, that doesn't change their eating habits, but they ask it.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Interesting assortment!
I think D would like Puzzle Ocean, he's really into all things ocean, and loves books he can pore over.

MaryAnne said...

"Growing Vegetable Soup" sounds very interesting to me!

The girl who painted trees said...

I want to put Growing Vegetable soup on hold now.

Mom and Kiddo said...

I might have to check out that puzzle book.

Drea said...

I keep meaning to look into some Usborne books and I always forget! Thanks for the reminder!

Jackie H. said...

I love Lois Ehlert books (as does Logan). I just hope she doesn't compromise and start writing more contrived texts. It seems like that is sometimes what "sells". That would be disappointing!
I do like Growing Vegetable soup although I'm not sure it has helped get Logan to eat more vegetable either.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

We love the Usborne books like Puzzle Ocean. We have several of these in the series and they have been used for years now.

I also really like the book in your amazon widget, A Good Day. Love the pictures and bright colors in it.