Friday, October 15, 2010

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It was a pretty busy week for me at work, which meant that I didn’t have as much time with Anna as I usually do, and she was not too pleased about it. She is still somewhat unsettled and has a hard time deciding on things to do. I can only play “invisible monsters are after us” so many times in the end of the busy day. Her theme of the week at school was “shapes”. She seems to be more enthusiastic about school since she finally has two “real friends”. Not very surprisingly for me they both happen to be boys. Apparently, these two boys love to get together with Anna in the reading corner, and they all read to each other. There were some highlights at home as well:

Spelling. Anna is suddenly interested in spelling (I suspect that it was something discussed in her class). She constantly asks how to spell different words. So I decided to revisit Progressive Phonics, and to focus now on spelling. We dug out Book 1 and every night she reads me a few pages from it. Then I quiz her on highlighted words (“short a” words at the moment). It’s funny to think how far she came in her reading and how there was a time when she was struggling to read those words. Now she reads all the text without any problems.

Math. I was just beginning to think that I am going to cancel my subscription to DreamBox if I see yet another abacus game when finally Anna started to see different activities again. She is now in the middle of 1st grade in math, and seems to have no problems identifying 2-digit quantities, comparing numbers, making and solving word problems and doing simple addition and subtraction in her head. She also started to spontaneously read the minute hand on the clock without me teaching her anything about it. She is very good at “pattern identification”, so these things come pretty naturally to her.


Writing. I always found it amusing to see how Anna is off the charts with her reading and math while her motor skills are pretty much age appropriate or even a little behind. As her hand control improves, she gets more interested in writing. Preschool definitely helps – it’s clearly a worksheet year, and now she seems to apply herself more to her writing worksheets. They are doing “letter of the week”, and they are now on letter B. I have never seen her write curved letters successfully before, but as you can see, she is making good progress. She wrote this card with her papa and practiced on the lined eraser board first (my husband got it from Target) before writing the words on paper.


Crafting. Anna has a little more interest in spontaneous crafts again. This one is a “scary Halloween monster with sharp teeth and a poisonous apple in his hair. She was also busy shredding Halloween colored paper into rectangles and making “Halloween cards”. And she really enjoyed her paper doll StArt craft – I think we will be doing more of them in the future.

Oct10_PlasmaCaeOther. We had an incredibly hot weather this week. Too bad that the pool has already closed, but Anna spent some time in water play with her papa and running in the sprinkles practically every day. She also enjoyed trying out a plasma car of our neighbors. Anna has finally mastered her trike and thinks that she should get a bike for her birthday. Just as with some other things she does – she went from refusing to ride it to riding it confidently. That seems to be her pattern with things that require motor skills development – there is always a big unexpected jump, and it’s so exciting to watch it happen.

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Vitore said...

My "A" is also interested in spelling and writing now that she is a fluent reader. I just finished downloading the progressive phonics writing worksheets. After I finished, I thought I'd head over to your blog to see if this topic had come up for you and what you did. :) It's fun that the girls have similar interests. I'm so lucky you told me about starfall and progressive phonics because it really transformed my girl's childhood. :) :)

I can tell my girly can do simple addition / subtraction in her head (numbers up to 10). She uses that information in playing. She enjoys tangrams and pattern matching, just not when it seems like a math problem. Not sure how to encourage her. Do you have you math posts tagged?

Christy said...

What did she think of the plasma car? For October, we have had nice weather but the high is about 73 right now. It's turning though, I can feel it. Collin was the same way - off the charts in reading and math (although his reading wasn't as advanced as Anna's) and behind in writing, but now he has beautiful penmanship that everyone is always complimenting!!! Reagan, on the other hand, loves to write but has very little interest in reading. We are just starting now and she is more interested in just making up her own story than reading the words!!! That's fine by me right now though.

Joyful Learner said...

Yeah for Anna! It's wonderful to see growth and change in our little ones, no? It sounds like she would fit right in a school setting as long as they accelerate in reading and math.

We do mostly writing through letter writing, cards, and making grocery lists now. JC used to write stories until she freaked out when she couldn't read her own writing! lol. Sadly, that was the end of her creative, fun invented spellings. Now, she only writes words she asks me to spell.

JC is a little behind on the gross motor skills compared to her friends but she was quite determined to ride a bike! Now, she begs to ride it every day! She's also wanted to learn to rollerskate so I'm sure that will be in our next to learn list. The weather has been so nice, we've been enjoying being outdoors before the rainy season, if it ever comes!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Anna's printing is excellent. I don't think you need to worry about her being behind, or average, in this area either :)

Michelle said...

If you are going to get a bike for Anna may I suggest getting a balance bike. My husband and I are avid cyclists and I write a lot about teaching kids to ride bikes. Other than teaching some basic pedaling skills, I actually think tricycles are a really bad way to start riding. Check out this video on youtube:

We started my son on a balance bike when he turned two and he is now on a two wheel pedal bike and not even 4 yet. He never had training wheels either! He was entirely self-taught with the balance bike - it did not require any instruction and he just did what he was comfortable with. We had him practice pedaling by going out on a trail-a-bike like this with us:

Just something to think about. I am really passionate about kids and bikes!

Debbie said...

Anna is doing great! I love her hand writing. Selena's been reluctant again in this area, but I know it is just a confidence thing. I get such a kick out of reading her imaginary stories and games of monsters. We are so opposite here, ours are more about friends, people, or animals.

MaryAnne said...

That card is so cute! It sounds like she is doing exceptionally well in Math and Reading/Spelling. I bet Johnny and Anna would get along well - he seems to prefer playing with girls over boys.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

It was very, very hot here the past two weeks--almost 90! The last two days have actually been Fall like, so nice.

Anna's handwriting is very good Natalie. I think she is doing great. That is soooo good that she has no trouble with telling time!

Anna is such a very smart girl. She learns so quickly and seems to love learning.

Ticia said...

I see Anna's handwriting is like my boys, all capitals. Which is how I taught them, so it should be. But, now that I'm trying to switch them off of it, it's hard and slow going. They're stubborn.

So, the kid my boys have talked about most at church for the past year is "Grayson," and I kept thinking, Grayson, as in boy. But, it was Gracen, as in girl. So...... total paradigm shift for me. So, I know what you're going through on the opposite gender thing.

Jolanthe said...

Anna is doing wonderful!! Is she enjoying the Plasma car?

As for the friends of the opposite gender...that's McKenna to a t. :) The majority of her friends are boys and we're just trying not to make a big deal about it. It's all innocent and they have so much fun together!

The girl who painted trees said...

She's doing great with her writing! I don't think she's behind at all! I've been considering getting a plasma car. Does she like it?