Thursday, October 28, 2010

image Oct27_OutsideAs I was picking Anna up from school today, I had a plan in mind – we will take advantage of the last day of the good weather (it’s supposed to rain for the next few days), go to the park, pick some leaves, read Leaf Man by Louis Ehlert and make some leaf art, so I can write about it on my blog on Thursday. Anna, however, was a lot more interested in swinging, "flying to Australia” on a seesaw, pretending to hunt panthers and wolfs and collecting “wood for winter”. Then when we finally got home (with one leaf), she insisted on taking her trike for a leaf-collecting ride around the block). It was a ride of never ending whys and what-ifs as she inspected Halloween decorations of our Oct27_Outside1 neighbors. All the while I was trying to hurry her along thinking about the project that I wanted to do with her and knowing at the same time that making anything with a cranky child in the end of the day is a sure recipe for disaster. And then I asked myself – why am I stressing over this? Who cares if we make this leaf project today, tomorrow or not at all? Am I so wrapped up in the blog world that I will interrupt her enjoyment of the beautiful late afternoon just so I can take some pictures for my blog? At least I was able to catch myself and watch my daughter do what children do best – play with no agenda, no goal, no guidance. And that made our day special and memorable a lot more than any project could have.

Question: Do you feel sometimes that you make specific plans just so you can blog about this activity? I admit that I’ve been guilty as charged. I am still linking this post to StArt because I am interested to see what other people think about this problem.


Joyful Learner said...

Yes, that can be a problem. I usually back off if JC doesn't show interest. But usually she loves it and even asks me to take pictures if she sees something cool. For example, we were walking in our neighborhood and saw a large boat in someone's front yard. She thought it was so cool, she wanted me to take a picture of it. LOL....which reminds me, I need to get her a camera so she can become an addict like me! LOL.

Christy said...

I love your honesty. I think we are all guilty of doing this sometimes. I know that I like to post every day and sometimes I feel like I have to do something so that I can post! Lately, I have tried to go with the flow with the kids and not push them into a project. I am lucky that C loves to do "projects" and often requests something. Linkys used to get me in trouble, so if I can link up, great; if we don't get to it then I'll link up another time. I used to worry that the host of a linky would be upset if I didn't link up every week. Now I realize that most people are more understanding than that and if they aren't that is not my problem. Anyway, good for you for catching yourself and just having fun!!!!!!!!! I bet Anna loved every minute.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Your timing, as usual, is scary.

I was moaning around, last night, to the Man of the House, because I didn't know what to post for today. My seven year old said "Why don't you post, that you made three of your kids watch a show that's supposed to teach them French, and your seven year old hated it?" I told him I didn't think that would be very interesting. He answered, "Ya, but it's true."

I'm not going to post that - though I may have to rethink the French program, but it did put me back in mind to post what we're doing, and finding interesting, or not interesting, and not trying to manufacture something according to the carnival schedule. Once I stopped trying to make the day work toward a stART project, I realized I had plenty to post about. I'll be disappointed not to be able to join in this week - but I don't want everything we do to be about the blog, I'd rather have the blog be about everything we do.

The next problem I need to work on, is how to get pictures of the projects we love, without interupting the flow. Sometimes even naturaling occuring fun, feels manufactured, becuase I need a photo to go with it. I can't tell you the number of times my husband has asked "Can I eat one of those cookies, or do you still have to do the photo shoot?" :)

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! I think this is why you haven't seen anything new on my blog all week. Well, that and the fact that my regular computer is dead so I am sharing one with my husband now. But I'm finding that I don't want to push the kids to do things just so I can write about them. So we didn't talk about science this week. Geography has been on break in our house for a couple weeks. And no, we didn't do a stART project for today either...although if M decides she wants to do arts & crafts today, maybe we'll end up with something. I'm not pushing her though. I think it's important to let our kids have fun doing the things they want to do. If I were homeschooling and had lessons that had to be done, it would be different. But for me, the projects we do are just for fun, and I have to keep reminding myself to keep them that way!

Debbie said...

I think this is something that happens to all of us. I am trying to become more relaxed, about my blogging and the demands I put on myself then push off on Selena. I loved Leah's comment about the pictures and am very thankful that my camera takes better pictures without the flash, so that I can take pictures without Selena even knowing I am, unless it is a project where she needs a lot of my help with it.

We all need to be real and honest, as these blogs reflect our family. Thank you for sharing this, and giving us all something to think about and the right to tell ourselves it is OK if we don't do something due to lack of interest!

Michelle said...

I was able to completly relate to this whole post. Recently I felt like I needed to step back from everything and just let Emily and Juliette enjoy what they want and not worry so much if it is not what I had planned or how I wanted it to come out. I enjoy blogging so much more than I ever thought I would when I first started, but I also need to be able to realize that our every day life and teachable moments that come from just having fun and following our children's lead is what will make learning fun and enjoyable.

Thank you so much for linking up to stART and sharing with us. I think it is good to know that we are not alone and that we all struggle with many of the same questions when it comes to balancing our every day life and blogging. I love that I have this amazing record of the things that I do with my girls and I would not want to give that up, but I do need to let it be a true reflection of what we do and what they want to do too!

Ticia said...

I think almost anyone who has a public blog that is sharing and trying to get other to read struggles with this at some point or other. I know I do sometimes.

Like, I didn't specifically have a post to put up yesterday, so I didn't. I thought about manufacturing one, but I thought it was smarter to not do that.

Brimful Curiosities said...

I missed last week's stArt and your WMCIR because we were all sick and I just didn't feel I had the energy to post anything, much less try to organize a craft or write book posts. Yes, I agree it is much better to go by these rules - life first, blog somewhere after.

RedTedArt said...

I think your post is perfect! Crafting with toddlers/ children isn't straight forward and sometimes, other parents MAY feel inferior when they see "our super crafters". I think an honest approach is great and if things don't work out, well, they don't work out!! (Last week we had "One line drawn to make a ghost") and it is good to share these "frustrations" with others!

Our children are individuals and we must respect their interests!

Good post ;-)

Kids Get Crafty

The girl who painted trees said...

I definitely am guilty of thinking, "this would be good to blog about," but hten Bear isn't interested. or J-jo for that matter. I can't tell you how many art experiences I've been leaving out for him, camera ready, and he couldn't care less about art.
Sometimes when I start just thinking about things as blog posts, it's time for me to take a blogging break.

Infant Bibliophile said...

So true. I think I find it particularly true of crafts with us, because my son isn't a huge fan (like your daughter, I guess). So, he tolerates the project, and I write a post, and then people comment about how they are surprised I fit in so much fun stuff, but really it is usually a 5-15 minute craft, and such a tiny percentage of the rest of our day. Certain things just lend themselves to being more "bloggable" than others, and crafty stuff seems the most appealing to other bloggers.

On the flip side, though, I really do think that the motivation to blog gets me doing more things with my son than I might not have otherwise - and that can sometimes be a good thing, when he turns out loving it or learning something new from it.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Once again, wonderful post so easily related to! I used to be very, very guilty of this. I am embarrassed to admit it, but it's true. When I was in the habit, putting the pressure on myself to post daily I did this often.

Within the past 6 months or so I have gotten over this undue pressure that I was inflicting and have stopped planning around and for my blog altogether. It is so liberating:-), and I am almost ashamed and sad to think of things I may have ruined, or stress I caused to my family for doing this. I'm just glad I realized it and quit.

You know, our blogs are awesome for helping one another, gathering info and being super resources for education, support and so much more, but they are not what should be most important, and this is a lesson I learned the hard way.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Sometimes I feel like everything we do is possible blog post. I have to back away and just have fun.

kewkew said...

To answer your question, yes I have found myself planning my activities so I will be able to blog about them. But a good point was made above by Infant Bibliophile. Knowing I am going to be blogging about the activities give me the motivation to get a move on and actually get things done if I am feeling lazy. Of course it also adds to the stress.
We will be reading Leaf Man next week. We collected leaves today to be used to make animals or people with to go with the project. I saw the book last week at story time and thought it would be a great activity.

Katie said...

What a great post and I love the comments that followed. I agree, we are all guilty of this. Rather than let our children explore, enjoy and learn we push them so we can get what we need out of them. It's so easy to lose sight of why we do it in the first place. I feel like I need to put make myself a reminder so I can always remember that. I definitely don't want to kill the passion my children have.

Thanks for the post. It was a nice reminder :)

Have a great day,