Saturday, September 11, 2010

This was a shorter reading week for us, since Smarty left on Wednesday night to visit her grandparents, but we just had enough time to finish all our library books. Here are a few of our favorite picks:
Old Bear's Surprise Painting
I wish we could do a story extension project on Old Bear’s Surprise Painting, but we didn’t have any time for involved art this week. The illustrations are beautiful, and the story will probably work for children between 2 and 5. All the toys pick a pattern to paint, not all of them are happy with their work, but their splashes and stripes look spectacular when put together by their more experienced friend. We might still revisit this book when daughter comes back from her travels.
Every Autumn Comes The Bear
We read several other nature books by Jim Arnosky before, but Smarty was not very interested in them. However, she loved Every Autumn Comes the Bear and read it both with us and independently. I tried to discuss details of illustrations, but she just wanted to hear the story again and again. I think most of her interest in bears comes from The Little House in Big Woods – mostly she wants to hunt them and taste bear meat.
Dont Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late
This was Smarty's favorite book for independent reading this week – she informed me that I don’t need to read it to her since she can read it herself. I browsed through it when she wasn’t home, and was wondering if Smarty feels sorry for the pigeon or delights in her power over him. I suspect the latter is true – she usually likes rules and especially likes to enforce them for others. Not surprisingly the book made it to her bedside shelf of favorites.
Bunny Money
Bunny Money was wildly popular this week. Smarty kept reading this book many times on her own, and we also played store several times. Smarty didn’t like the fact that the characters spent all their money, but was relieved by the ending of the story. She told me, I don’t want to spend any money, because I love money too much, and I already have too many toys. Oh, and Babushka (grandma) will have new toys for me, because she loves to spoil me. So true!


Drea said...

Those books look great! We'll have to try Old Bear's suprise Painting for an art project!

Infant Bibliophile said...

The Old Bear book sounds very cute. We did a fun painting project this week. Maybe we should check it out. I love that Pigeon book. I bought it for my nephew as a book. I should probably try it again with my son. The last time we read pigeon books, he liked them fine, but didn't get the humor (like with most Mo Willems). Also, I noticed Watty Piper's Little Engine That Could in your recommended picks at the top. You have no idea how many times I read that version of the book!

Joyful Learner said...

We need to get the Pigeon book as we are a big fan of Mo Willems. We'll miss posts about Anna while she's gone! Maybe you'll get more reading for yourself? Would love reviews on adult books as well! :)

April said...

Thats cute that she is interested in the money itself rather than what she can buy with it.

Debbie said...

All these books sound really good. I especially am interested in the last one.

Christy said...

We own and love the last two books. I am very interested in reading the first two you mentioned too!

Jackie H. said...

I'm so excited! I'm linking up to your what my child is reading this week. I've been wanting to do it for a while but things always get crazy. I always read others suggestions, though.
Anna sounds like she has a lot of character! What is it about kids that make them love to tell others no. My 2 yo just got interested in "No, David!" and he loves to tell David no.

A Daddy Blog said...

This is party a duplicate comment to the one I left on your other site. I realized this was probably the more appropriate place to leave it. Thank you so much for stopping by my page. I'm already subscribed to yours. If you've not, feel free to follow mine on Facebook or Google. My daughter and I watch Max and Ruby, so I know she'd love that last book. I'm actually typing this at Barnes & Noble (though I also favor the library and that book swap I wrote about), so I'll go take a look.

Per your suggestion I will definitely look into the YMCA here in North Texas and see if they do a used book sale. I agree about kids needing their own books. Since our two year old was a baby I have read to her every night, and have always treated the books as "hers" and almost as if they were toys to be played with. Something fun. Now she takes out books on her own (we have a small bookshelf for her in our living room as well as tons and tons of books in her nursery) and she'll sit and "read". I was happy to find a site (yours) focused on books. I've loved them since I was a little kid.

On your point in your recent blog about what kids are reading (or in my case) what I'm reading her, as she just turned two... I recently bought some original "Winnie the Pooh" and "Frog and Toad" books. That said, her favorite right now is "Green Eggs and Ham". She brings it to me and shouts, "EGGS HAM". By coincidence the publisher just contacted me (talk about synchronicity) about doing a post and giveaway about the 50th anniversary edition of that book. And of course I'm happy to write about my daughter's current favorite book. Here's a post I did about some of her other favorite baby books. Hope you are having a great weekend.

--Michael (aka: Daddy)

Mary Elizabeth said...

These are some great picks! Thanks for sharing!!

fejehome said...

So happy to find another blog linking-up great books! We are so passionate about getting books into the hands of children that each week we highlight and giveaway chidlren's literature.

Thanks again for the reading link-up.

My Family My Forever said...

I hope our library has the Autumn book, I am starting to read Fall books here.

We love all of the Max books. I just recently started reading them to Jack and he loves them.

Joe thinks the Pigeon series is hilarious.

Elise said...

Oooh, Old Bear's Surprise painting looks like another one of your recommendations we will have to find. I imagine it would be a great stimulus resource for some painting activities. I like to learn about seasonal books and we are expanding our collection of books for the different seasons of the year. As we have just started Spring, I am on the hunt for books about my favourite time of year - Spring.

I am impressed at how well Anna can read on her own. This must bring her a sense of pride as well as joy.

I bet Anna is having a wonderful time with her grandparents - what a special thing to do and I imagine many precious memories will be made over these upcoming weeks. She will have so many wonderful stories to tell you about this.

How sweet to make pipecleaner people for the domino furniture - very creative and what fun to use these items to create stories and have fun.

Julie said...

M loved that Arnosky book too. I may get it from the library again this fall. I should see if she'd be interested in the Pigeon books. C loved the Piggie and Elephant books by Mo Willems too.

Eva said...

Great week of reading! I plan on getting the first one from the library, I'm really curious about it now :)

Brimful Curiosities said...

We own the pigeon book and Bunny Money. The other two we haven't read but I like the sound of the painting book. I've eaten bear meat's not as unusual as you might think. My grandparents served as a bear roast one year and didn't tell us until we finished it. Their neighbor had given them the meat from one of his hunting trips and they wanted to see if we'd notice any difference.