Friday, September 10, 2010

preschool cornerAnna is 3 years 10 months old. 


It was a short week for us, since on Wednesday night Anna and her papa flew to New Jersey, where she will stay with my parents for the next two weeks. She was very excited about the trip, and I think that she will have a lot of fun. It was interesting to see how she knew exactly what to expect in the airport. So far she loves flying, and she even slept on her red-eye flight (same cannot be said about my husband who continued to Germany on the same day). I will miss her, but I am also very excited about her chance to spend extended time with her grandparents and get to know them better. Hey, maybe she comes back and speaks fluent Russian! (just kidding, of course).

Sep4_ReadingReading. Anna doesn’t want to read any early reader books from Step Into Reading or Ready to Read series. She says, But I can read already! The only series that she accepts is I Can Read, and they also tend to have more interesting stories and more aligned with her reading level, even the ones that are marked “Level 1”. She can also read any picture book that captures her interest regardless of the amount of text on the page.

Sep5_Lego3 Math. Anna spends a lot of time building with her Lego, and sometimes she is very focused on building something with patterns and symmetry. We also played another game with money where she was selling me her creations, and this time she was brave to price some of her favorite pieces higher than 5 cents. Her number sense is getting stronger every day, and she often makes up her own addition problems and solves them.


Prewriting and Fine Motor Skills. Anna’s preK class is focusing a lot more on writing this year. Every time she goes to school she brings back a worksheet. Her level of effort on the worksheets screams, OK, I’ll do it just to humor you, since she is not a big fan of worksheets. At home she doesn’t write much, but she enjoyed making little pipecleaner people with me. They were really tiny, since they had to fit on the domino furniture that she put together. So much for teaching her playing the game!


Other. We didn’t do much in area of science – we used the last warm weekend to go to the pool, visit Gilroy Gardens – an amusement park for little kids and to barbecue with a family who we met at the pool. They turned their backyard in a nice vegetable garden, and Anna was very excited to pick her own tomatoes. I am determined to have our garden figured out next year too.

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Mom and Kiddo said...

She may not be fluent, but I bet she'll come back with a few new words!

Christy said...

I hope Anna has a great time with your parents, and I hope you enjoy your time too.

I have to make pipe cleaner people with my kids.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Visiting a garden in late summer, could certainly count as science!

MaryAnne said...

I am always so impressed by Anna's counting skills, and she builds some very neat Lego structures! And I don't blame her for wanting only the "I Can Read" books - a bunch of the early reader books are ridiculously boring. It's as if they want to get children tired of reading before they even learn to read fluently...

We are finally getting a bunch of tomatoes in our yard, and it has been really fun - so I hope you try at least tomatoes next year! Our strawberry plants look beautiful, but no berries!

Ticia said...

You never know she might become fluent. Beahajahaha. Ahhhhh worksheets how I lovehate thee. I totally understand Annas feelings on this

Debbie said...

Oh yes worksheets, we go through a love hate relationship here with them as well. I am redoing a lot of our workbooks to make them more open ended less worksheets.

Selena tends to like the I Can Read books over the others as well. I agree with MaryAnne about a lot of the early readers.

Rebecca said...

It's so awesome that she knows how to read!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

How wonderful that Anna will get to spend some quality time with your parents! My parents live in NJ too, and I get to see them about once a week.

She is doing so well with her school work!!

Michelle said...

I am sure Anna is having a great time with her Grandparents! You still fit in a lot of great activities for her this week. I love seeing all the great things that you do!

My Family My Forever said...

Y'all are always having fun at Gilroy Gardens.

You know, Hanna didn't like to write for quite some time. She didn't even have any interest in writing her name.

I hope you are enjoying your time alone! I hope you get lots done, but have some fun and relax some too.

I hope Anna is having a blast being spoiled by your parents, and that your husband enjoys his time with family too. And, I pray they make it safely back home to you at the end of their trips.