Friday, September 3, 2010

preschool corner


Consider it Anna’s “first day of school picture” – it was taken on her first day of school in the afternoon. This year we extended Anna’s school stay to 3:30 pm, so my husband can start going to the office for 2 days a week. She will still go to preschool for 3 days a week and have two days a week for playdates and other activities with her papa. Her school has a nap time in early afternoon, and Anna actually napped on her first day. It was awesome, because she was happy and energetic in the afternoon, and I hope that the trend continues throughout this school year.


Reading. We don’t do a lot of dedicated reading activities any longer, but usually we try to have one time during the day when she reads something to us. Her latest favorite was Stuart Little easy reader collection that my husband got for her in Barnes & Noble, but she skipped one “scary” chapter about Stuart and the Library Owl. I am thinking about revisiting Progressive Phonics with her, because she switches so completely to whole reading and struggles to read multi-syllable words that follow phonics rules but new to her.


Math. Anna is always ready for “sweet math” with measuring and stirring. We made chocolate chip cookies for the first time, and the favorite part for both of us was eating the batter. She also continued her math journey on DreamBox and waded into new waters of two digit numbers that she needs to read off an abacus and then select from a set of numbers presented to her. Knowing that, say, “twenty three” is presented as 23 is not a challenge to her, but actually recognizing the number on an abacus is quite a challenge. However, her motivation is extremely strong, and she is willing to stretch herself to be able to continue her game.


Arts & Crafts. Anna was not too interested in arts and crafts this week, but drew occasional pictures on her magnetic board and new blackboard with erasable markers. Her idea of craft time and my idea of craft time are not always the same as proven by our StArt project. She mostly likes sticker storytelling (I give her a sheet of stickers and she uses them to tell a story) or something that she can use in play later. She is not interested in art for self-expression. She seem to think that she expresses herself enough by talking non-stop.


Other. Anna has neglected her trike for a long time, but she is finally riding it confidentally. It’s still not something that she really wants to do a lot, but at least she doesn’t fight it any longer. Another good development is cleaning up her room without a fight. Now she has “a date with Mr Timer” every afternoon. She is very proud that she gets to set the timer herself (she sets it for 10 minutes) and races around trying to clean up before the beep. It’s so much better than nagging and resisting – Mr Timer is a magical device indeed :)

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MaryAnne said...

What kind of timer do you use? We have one, but the ring is so loud that Emma refuses to use it.

I wonder if my kids write and draw so much because they don't express themselves verbally that much.

And why don't baked cookies ever taste quite as good as the dough?

Christy said...

I am just starting Progressive Phonics - it is your success with it that made me try it. Thanks!

Reagan loves to ride her bike and keeps asking to have her training wheels removed. Collin is the opposite. Getting him to ride his bike is always a struggle.

I have to make an appt with the timer for my kids!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I absolutely must get a timer!

Debbie said...

I have to try the timer idea!

Joyful Learner said...

What a great idea! We will have to use Mr. Timer when friends come over because that's when all the mess is made!

Phyllis said...

Sounds like a great, full and varied week!

Kim said...

Yay, naps! I hope she continues! Crumpet didn't ride the trike much either, and doesn't even ask to ride his bike much. He is finally able to do it well though. It's such great exercise. No crafts here either.... LOVE the idea of Mr. Timer.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Mr. Timer is indeed a good friend to me, as well. I used to set it for 20 min. when Kiddo was 3 and tell him that was MY reading time.

Ticia said...

Timers are awesome. I use them all the time

And yeah for naps!

My Family My Forever said...

Yay for the timer and cleaning her room success this week! I hope it continues!

Hanna used to stay and nap at her preschool too. Never would take a nap at home, but always took one in the nap room at school:-).

Cute picture of her in the pool.

Infant Bibliophile said...

I love the term "sweet math" and the date with Mr. Timer! I bought a cheap timer at a craft store a couple of months ago and thought we might use it that way, but haven't really tried it. At this point, when my son "cleans," he just picks up stuff that belongs to us and puts it somewhere else so that we can never find it. :D Maybe if I confined him to cleaning his room he couldn't do too much damage though.

MommyWise said...

I was just looking at that Stuart Little book in B&N tonight!

I too use the timer... if they don't pick up before it rings... Mommy then picks up... which means I take whatever is not picked up away until they "earn" it back.

Julie said...

I love the Mr. Timer idea! I need to try that with my kids!