Thursday, September 23, 2010


Oh no! I’ve been tagged twice in the past couple of days through a game that is spreading through my part of blogosphere. I am supposed to answer some questions, ask some more questions and tag other bloggers with my own questions. So here we go. First a set from Christie at Superheroes and Princesses.

  1. What is your favorite fictional book? Tough question, but I thought about the book that I enjoy rereading many times – Harry Potter.
  2. What was your college major?  System Engineering (I had so many math-related classes that my BS in System Engineering back home is equivalent to  MS in math here)
  3. If you could visit one place in the world, where would  you go? New Zealand is very high on my wish list followed closely by India
  4. What is your biggest challenge as a mom? Working full time and parenting full time at the same time.
  5. What did you eat for breakfast today? I always have the same breakfast – oats with cranberries and nuts and coffee
  6. What kind of music do you listen to most often? I like soundtracks from the movies and musicals, but now I mostly listen to Anna’s music
  7. What is your least favorite chore? Cleaning bath tubs and shower doors. Even toilets are better
  8. Pretend that money is no object and you need a new outfit; where would you go to buy it?  Probably Nordstrom Petites

Now on to questions from Susana who writes Our Homeschool Fun:

  • What do you worry most about (that is, if you are a worrier like myself)? I am a worrier all right :) Mostly I worry about health of everyone in the family and whether we will be around to watch Anna grow up.
  • What is the one food you could not give up (and yes, chocolate is a food group)? Hmm… Coffee. Every time any diet improvement program recommend dropping coffee, I stop reading.
  • What is something that you do not like doing on a daily basis, but you do anyway? Going to work :)
  • What meal do you cook most for dinner? Meat-veggie-starch-sauce combo
  • How many times per week do you cook on average--a real meal, Eggos and/or chicken nuggets do not count:-). 2-3 times, and my husband cooks too.
  • Do you have a tattoo?  (and no, for the record, I do not :-) ) No
  • Who is your favorite children's author? I cannot really highlight one, but we liked every book by Kevin Henkes
  • What is your favorite fragrance, ie, perfume, body splash, lotion? I am partial to J’Adore
  • What is your favorite nice place to eat out without kids? Local restaurant called La Fondue (french, of course :))

And finally I have a few questions of my own:

  • 1. What makes your family different/unusual?
  • 2. Do you have “pet names” for your children? What are they?
  • 3. If you could meet one historic person, who would it be?
  • 4. What is one thing that you hope your child will never do?
  • 5. Do you wish your partner was more involved with children?

I will not tag anyone directly, since a lot of people are tagged already, but you are welcome to respond in comments or copy questions to your blog and keep the tag game going.


Infant Bibliophile said...

I wonder if you and my husband work in similar fields...if I understood his work more, I could tell you. :) I still have to answer the questions I was tagged for too! As for yours --
* 1. What makes your family different/unusual? Interesting question! I think all families are "different" once you get to know them. My husband is from another country, my son has a lot of food allergies... those are just the first things that come to mind.
* 2. Do you have “pet names” for your children? What are they? We often call him "the little charmer." But I also use a lot of little nicknames when talking to him.
* 3. If you could meet one historic person, who would it be? Maybe Eleanor Roosevelt. But she'd probably just intimidate me into silence.
* 4. What is one thing that you hope your child will never do? Rather not let my mind go down that road! Anything involving self destruction or jailtime, lol.
* 5. Do you wish your partner was more involved with children? No, he's amazing given the time he has. I wish he didn't have to work and we could all be together all the time, but then we'd probably all go nuts.

MaryAnne said...

This has been a great series, I've enjoyed learning more about all of my favorite bloggers =)

I hope my children never feel like they can't talk to me, and that they always know I love them. I would love for my husband to have more TIME with my children, but he does try very hard to stay involved in their lives.

I don't know how unusual my family now is, but the family I grew up in was unusual because we were all very academic and there were so many of us. And if you collect all the languages my siblings and I speak (or have studied for at least one year) you get quite the list: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, Cantonese, Swedish, Arabic. I think that's all of them... Russian is the only language that all ten of us have studied, but some of us (myself included) didn't learn enough to actually "speak" it - I studied a year and a half at university, but then never did anything with it and have forgotten nearly all of it. I can still read cyrillic, at least, although I fear that my pronunciation deteriorates more and more each year...

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

You've really got me thinking with the "who would you like to meet out of history?" question.

Out of all of history, I think it's the people from the Bible, that intrigue me the most. Probably because of their titles - "man after God's heart", "mother of God", "sons of thunder", "wisest man of all time", "humblest man alive", and so on - what would they really be like to talk to?

Jesus, of course - to meet Him as a man, would be interesting - but then, I've "known" Him my whole life, so maybe to meet someone I don't know...

...I'm thinking Noah's wife would be fun to talk to. It's said that Noah was the one righteous man living, out of the entire world population - what would it be like to be married to the only righteous man alive? She'd have to have some useful insights life.

It's a good question though - so many interesting people through time - but how many of them would you really want to actually talk to?

Debbie said...

I loved reading your answers to the questions given you. It is always so interesting to get to know more about you.

As for your questions:
* 1. What makes your family different/unusual? I suppose the greatest thing that makes us different is that we are grandparents raising our granddaughter. While that is common, you do not find many here in the blog world.
* 2. Do you have “pet names” for your children? What are they? No, not really.
* 3. If you could meet one historic person, who would it be? There are so many that come to mind, it is really hard to just narrow one person down. Too be honest, if I could just even one person from my family, such as my great grandmother who traveled the Oregon trail, or the Uncle who was killed during the Civil war...I guess the possibilities are endless to this question.
* 4. What is one thing that you hope your child will never do? Get into drugs.
* 5. Do you wish your partner was more involved with children? I think we can all think of times when we wish this, but over all I couldn't ask for a better partner to be raising Selena with.

Christy said...

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed reading all of your answers. I have to think about some of your questions but I really hope my children never experiment with drugs. I have seen people struggle with addiction and it is a terrible thing. As for your last question, my husband is very involved with all three children - he coaches soccer, helps with homework, plans activities for them, and plays with them. I couldn't ask for more.

Christy said...

Oh, we do have pet names. T is "tick tick" because that is what C used to call him before he could say his name. C is spider monkey because he used to climb like crazy and screech like a spider monkey. R is "bibs" or "rayray".

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Thanks so much for doing this. I loved reading all of your answers and learned a lot about you too.

As far as your questions, I have to say one of my biggest fears for my kids is drugs by far. It can ruin a person for life and scares me to death to think of this.

No pet names here:-).

Jamie is an over the top dad. He is honestly the best father I see around me among my peers. I never, ever have to ask for a thing from him for me or the kids in the way of time, love, or "stuff". He is a dream Natalie, and we are so, so blessed to have him.

Ticia said...

Ever since we saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy Jeff really wants to go to New Zealand too.

Hmmm...... pet names........ Amusingly enough none of my kids are called by their names on the blog, Princess at times says we should call her Batman, and I call her Imp a lot, and then she complains. Batman now says he's Iron Man, and Superman has been Blue Arrow for the last several months.

Historical figure...... THat's a hard one, I can think of so many interesting ones. Abraham Lincoln, Peter the apostle, James Barrie, Lewis Carrol (Charles Dodgson).

Our family unusual...... We're all big fantasy fans. That's probably unusual.

Autumn said...

I'm with you on the coffee question. :)

1. What makes your family different/unusual?
Mark works from home 9 days out of 10, and always has. That's pretty unusual, even for Silicon Valley. It's so nice that he's able to be with us for all three meals, and hang out with the kids throughout the day as his workload allows.

2. Do you have “pet names” for your children? What are they?
"Tom-Tom" and "Ben-Ben". These names came from two oldest nieces, because the boys came along when each had just started to talk. These names are what they called the boys, and still call them to this day. We also call them by these names just because it's funny. :)

3. If you could meet one historic person, who would it be?
The Apostle Paul.

4. What is one thing that you hope your child will never do?
Can't think of anything right now.

5. Do you wish your partner was more involved with children?
No, see question #1. :)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I'm so glad you posted your answers to this -- what a neat way to learn more about you!

We don't really have nicknames for the girls, but my nickname for Mark has been "Bubba" since we started dating. I call him that all the time!