Thursday, September 30, 2010

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We had a good September. It ends with record temperatures – the heat makes us feel like summer is here to stay for a while longer. Luckily, we now have an A/C that is actually cooling down our house instead of just sounding like an airplane ready to take off. Even with minor fixes that still remain, I consider this September goal accomplished.

Anna had a good time at grandparents’ place. 18 days, however, was about one week too long, and she was very happy to be back home. My husband enjoyed his visit home to Germany and seeing his friends and family.

I used the time to reorganize the house and to read. I went out with my friends to see two movies (the movies could have been better though). Overall, I feel relaxed and refreshed with this mini-vacation from family, and I have a lot more plans for October.

  • 1. October is Anna’s birthday month – so it means a birthday party and celebrations with adult family friends. I am too “chicken” to have kid’s birthday party at home, and she was asking since her last birthday to have it at Pump-It-Up, so Pump-It-Up it is.
  • 2. We plan to entertain friends – some old, some new, and enjoy the last of our grilling season.
  • 3. I want to try and make some sort of Halloween treats this year – I don’t bake often, so it will be a new adventure.
  • 4. We plan for at least one “field trip” – either to pick apples or to go to a pumpkin patch. Come to think of it, if this heat continues, maybe it will be a beach trip instead.
  • 5. Our big family project for October is to turn our garage from a crazy storage room into what it’s supposed to be (at least for one car). I sold/donated/threw out some of the things we had, but it was just “scratching the surface”. I would like to celebrate the second anniversary of our home ownership by finally unpacking all the boxes from our move.

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littlewondersdays said...

Two movies in 18 days! How many moms get to do that, so envious.

My goal is to never, ever, ever have a kids' birthday party at my house, ever. We had one, the only one, when Little J was two. I shudder just thinking about it. We do have a Halloween party every year. Not sure why that doesn't bother me.

Kylie said...

Oh yeah birthday parties at home are over rated and way too much work....we just did quiet morning/afternoon teas this year. Close family and the kids could invite 3 friends, that was more than enough.

MaryAnne said...

Thanks for linking up!

Here's a cute Halloween treat you can bake, although it isn't remotely healthy:

Rice krispie treats are easy to make - mix rice krispies with a little butter and melted marshmallows. Of course, you could do something very similar with a simple white or yellow cake and some chocolate chips.

We fit a car in the garage, but barely. I'm hoping that the new shelving we're putting in the laundry room and tiny pantry will allow me to organize the garage a bit better also!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Friend parties at home, are a ton of work - but are okay, as long as you have another mother helping out - never try it alone - it's a good way to have a terrible party, and a nervous breakdown at the same time :)

Maybe you can find a pumpkin patch on the way to the beach.

Joyful Learner said...

I had the party at MIL's house which worked our great! Friends helped pack things away and housekeeper cleaned up the rest! Everyone loved the party but i'm thinking a trip might work for next year.

I may have to borrow your monthly reviews meme if you don't mind! Don't want to re-invent the wheel!

Debbie said...

I agree with Leah, if you have a friends birthday party ask that parents stay to help out. Most of the families here make it a dual party with stuff for the kids, and visiting with the parents. Designate at least one other Mom to help with the party.

Lady Chadwick said...

I would be happy if someone would scratch the surface of my garage problem! (it is my husbands space not mine)

and I just gave you the 'Versatile Blogger award'

Kim said...

Sounds like September went well! I've been off the walls crazy for a week, so I haven't commented, but I'm glad Anna is home and feeling better. Glad the A/C is fixed in time for heat wave! Ooh, birthday parties - we always had huge shindigs in GA and I'm glad to be somewhere new where no one expects it and we can have a small something OUT of the house this year!Enjoyed your 'only child' post and was interested to see the comments and learn that big families get harassed about their choice too! And I'll be joining you in the garage clean up - we will have a friend staying soon while he waits on a housing assignment and I need somewhere in the garage to put everything in currently in our guest room. Wow, huge run on sentence... Have a great October!

Ticia said...

Once upon a time we fit both of our cars in the garage, and then we worked on "organizing it," and getting stuff out of our house, and it went downhill from there.

Aging Mommy said...

18 days is a long time to be away from home but I am sure Anna is now very happy to be back with Mommy. Things are finally cooling off here so I am really looking forward to October, going to the Pumpkin Farm and arboretum and Halloween. Sounds like you have a wonderful month planned with Anna.

Infant Bibliophile said...

We went apple picking today. He said he didn't want to pick any apples (so we bought cider, a mini pumpkin, jam, etc. and got in the car, and then he insisted he DID want to pick apples!). So we got back out and he picked 1 apple, 3 peppers, and 1 peach, for a total of 69 cents. And a lot of fun. :) We will definitely be doing some pumpkin patches in October!

Christy said...

We can only fit one car in our garage because our kids have too much STUFF!

We have done parties at home and at fun places. My kids always enjoy both but I always find the at home parties to cost a lot more. Between feeding everyone, decorating, beverages, etc. it adds up fast.

It has been unseasonably hot here - high 80s all week! It's usually in the 60s.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love that you have set goals for the month. This is a great idea. I need to sit down and brainstorm some.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

I forgot Anna had a bday this month! Oh how the time flies!

I did some major cleaning out here too this week. Could not believe how much I donated, but it felt great!

A beach trip would be lots of fun, but so would the pumpkin patch. We have yet to try apple picking, but I hope to one of these years.

Eva said...

great goals! I really need to write up a goal list too. I also want to go apple picking :)