Wednesday, September 29, 2010

image Apples to Oregon I looked at Apples to Oregon last year and decided that the book will be incomprehensible for daughter due to many cultural references. But since then we listened to unabridged Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie audio books, and I thought that Apples to Oregon will make a lot more sense now. However, it turned out to be “one time read”. Anna The Story of Johnny Appleseed listened to the story, but didn’t ask any questions and didn’t ask to reread the book since. We also read The Story of Johnny Appleseed by Aliki that had the same theme of spreading apples across the country on pioneer trails. Unfortunately, Anna didn’t connect to the story at all, maybe because of illustrations where one spread was done in black-and-white, and the next one in color. As an extension activity we pulled her United States puzzle. My plan was to look at the states between Iowa and Oregon (or between Massachusetts and State Puzzle the West coast for Appleseed story), but Anna had other ideas. She first threw all the pieces around the room and swiped them back together. Then we played for a little bit the game where each of us randomly picked one piece of the puzzle and put it back on the map. I was a little surprised that she did know where to put her pieces even though I’ve never seen her playing with the puzzle. Then she ended up with Oklahoma, and she started talking excitedly how Oklahoma looks like a pan with a long handle. Suddenly the game shifted into pretend cooking in Oklahoma pan where I would pretend to smell various dishes, and Anna would inform me what she had in mind. She found this game very funny and entertaining, especially since all her dishes had pepper as one of main ingredients and I complained that her dishes are too spicy.

I told the story to my husband when he came home in the evening and commented how Anna doesn’t seem to care for US geography. And he told me the funny story from their flight to New Jersey:

  • Anna (after boarding the plane): It says here, “Life vest is under the seat”. Why do we need a life vest on the plane?
  • Papa: Well, sometimes planes have to have an emergency landing in water.
  • Anna: But what if there are sharks?
  • Papa: Do we fly over the ocean?
  • Anna: I don’t know. Show me the map.
  • Papa (pulls out the flight map): Do you know where we are?
  • Anna: Umm… Yes. Here is San Francisco where the Golden Gate Bridge is. And here it says Monterey, that’s where we went to the aquarium. And here is Sacramento, our capital.
  • Papa: How do you know that Sacramento is our capital?
  • Anna: Because my puzzle said so!
  • The passenger in the next seat: Excuse me, but how old is your daughter???

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Christy said...

I often find that my children retain a lot more information than I think they do. They never cease to amaze me.

I can imagine how surprised that person was to hear Anna reading and reciting information well beyond that of a typical preschooler.

MaryAnne said...

I am always amazed at the things Anna knows. It seems that she doesn't forget anything!

Eva said...

That's amazing :) it's fantastic that she is able to pick up information on her own since she is reading :D

Ticia said...

Glad to hear my kids are not the only ones who throw puzzle pieces around.

Love the story of them on the plane.

Joyful Learner said...

At least the passenger approached you and asked. It was kind of weird when a total stranger kept whispering things after hearing JC read. I've become very conscious since then.

It's wonderful Anna knows so much geography! Sometimes they are better left to learn on their own! :)

Debbie said...

I love her conversation with your husband. She is absorbing more then you think she is. You might need to take more of a virtual approach to your geography like we have done with Selena. Books just don't cut it with Selena for learning geography.

Julie said...

I love her imagination with the Oklahoma piece! That's something M would do as well. It's a bit frustrating sometimes that she goes off on a tangent like that. But I do love to see how her mind works! It sounds like Anna is really retaining a lot of the geography lessons. That's great!

Jackie H. said...

lol. I so enjoy that he didn't just tell her, "We don't fly over the ocean." but he let her discover the info for herself! love those kinds of learning opportunities.

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Joe loved that Oregon to Apples book, laughed the whole time. I'm finding that he really enjoys comical books. Me, it depends.

We had a Johnny Appleseed Valuetale book here to read, but have yet to read it. Honestly, I don't know much about his story myself.

I am amazed at all Anna knows about the map. You are doing a wonderful job of teaching her Natalie!