Friday, August 20, 2010

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Anna is  3 years 10 months old


This was a vacation week for Anna, and my husband promptly booked her mornings with playdates. They explored a new playground, visited Palo Alto Junior Museum and had a play date with Anna’s best friend. On Wednesday I took a day off, since my work friend and I planned to take the kids to Exploratorium in San Francisco. Unfortunately, this did not happen, because her son got sick, so I went with “Plan B” and took Anna to San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum. I haven’t been there since Anna was a baby (she visited several times with her father), and it was fun to see that she knew very well where she wanted to go.

Reading. Both non-fiction and fiction books were popular this week. She got back her reading light and returned to her ritual of reading a couple of books before falling asleep. One book from our own library that is back in favor is Cars, Trucks and Things That Goapparently, daughter is a big Richard Scarry fan.


Math. Daughter loves DreamBox and plays it every day with great enthusiasm. I continue to be impressed with how well thought out this math game is. I can definitely see marked improvement in attitude and also in understanding of some math concepts that for some reason didn’t click before. A lot of “I get it now” moments happened this week, so I am pretty excited. Maybe I finally found our “Progressive Phonics” for math – something that can be done in 15 minutes a day, be interesting to my daughter and lead to a remarkable leap.


Field Trips. For the first time in the last year I forgot my camera at home, and that was for my trip to San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum! Grrr! I took some pictures with my horrible cell phone camera, but they don’t quite capture what a wonderland this place is for kids. Waterways (in this picture) and temporary Bob the Builder exhibit were her favorites. Bob the Builder is definitely any budding builder’s paradise – with toy trucks to climb into, various building tools, dress up and construction toys. We spent total of four hours in the museum without any meltdowns – sight previously unseen.


Fine Motor Skills and Crafts. Anna had very little interest in crafting this week except painting paper dolls for our StArt project. She got something new for writing that held her interest for a little – a small dry erase board. Talking to her about writing words, it looks to me that her problem is not as much technical skills required as confidence and motivation. I think I am still going to wait for a couple of months to see if some of those missing pieces will fall in place.

Aug17_Truck Other. A lot of vacation time was spent playing outside. The favorite place appears to be a dirt pile which makes for a lot of laundry. We also attended a baby shower, and Anna entertained everyone by winning the nursery rhymes game. It surprised me that she could recognize the nursery rhyme from the random line in the middle of the rhyme. She was faster than me and knew more. Soon I won’t be able to keep up with her in other areas too :)

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TheRockerMom said...

Sounds like a very fun week!

Kylie said...

Thanks to the link for that maths site. I will be having a closer look at that.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I think I'll take a peek at Dreambox.

Where planning a beaver hunt (with our camera), for this weekend - so wish us luck!

Joyful Learner said...

We were just at the Palo Alto Junior Museum this week! We've been to the Discovery Museum in San Jose and the one in Sausalito but I like the one in Sausalito because it's outdoors, well most of it anyway. Exploratorium might be better for older kids but it's still fun nonetheless.

As for writing, she might be a perfectionist so she may feel the need to write perfectly before attempting. I just wrote a post on the benefits of invented spelling which needs to be published. Anna may just come through on her own skipping that part.

Ticia said...

I still have very fond memories of the Exploratorium in San Fransisco. For the longest time that was the standard I held up for all other museums. Now it's been more than 20 years since I've been there, so I mainly remember the humpback whale statue out front, the stegosaurus out front, and some kind of experiment involving air flow.

Sounds like the San Jose one was still a hit though.

And I know what you mean about laundry. Ugh.

Debbie said...

I am glad to hear Anna is getting a long better with Dreambox. Selena sure enjoys it.

The writing area seems to have the same concerns that Selena went through. Patience pays off, Selena still lacks some self confidence in this area, but I refuse to ignore it, yet will I pressure her, the letters, numbers and words appear when she is ready.

Anna seems to be enjoying my son's favorite book, from when he was a chld. While Selena has no interest in Richard Scary.

Terra said...

My little one has major confidence problems when it comes to writing. I'll ask her to write a K and she immediately says, "I can't do it!" I show her how and then she gives it a try, but because it doesn't look exactly like mine, she gets frustrated. How do we work on this???
I can't wait to bring my kiddos to the Children's Museum. It's in Houston though, which is about 45 minutes from here if there is no traffic. Unfortunately, there is always traffic.

Kim said...

We LOVE Richard Scarry. I always have. We saw that Bob the builder exhibit in Atlanta and loved it! Crumpet was just looking at the pictures the other day, and was annoyed that we couldn't go back. Now we know where it is - we'll have to come visit! As for writing: I have a friend who warned me last year not to even introduce writing to Crumpet until he was 5. It was the only school subject she and her son would fight about so she put everything away and waited a year. He's 5 1/2 now and when she pulled out the writing lessons, he had no trouble at all with them. Don't push it - it will fall into place when she's ready.

MommyWise said...

Just checked out the Dreambox.. very cute... signed up for the free trial. Thanks for the link!

Pathfinder Mom said...

Wow - 4 hours is an eternity in kid time! Go, Anna.

TB would love that Bob The Builder exhibit.

My Family My Forever said...

As you know, we are enjoying Dreambox too, well Joe is:-). I like you like it more each day.

I'm going to have to get that Richard Scarry book for the boys. I remember reading those when I was a child, but I haven't read any Scarry books to my kids. I need to!

The Mom I Want To Be said...

We frequently visit my family in San Jose. We'll have to visit the discovery museum on our next trip :)

MaryAnne said...

I think we're going to have to check out dreambox - Emma needs some help with math and your reviews make it sound very intriguing.