Friday, August 13, 2010

preschool cornerAnna is 3 years 9 months old. 


It was the last week of Anna’s summer camp in her preschool. Overall, I am somewhat disappointed between the difference in how this program was “marketed” and how it actually went. I’d say that her summer camp was a glorified daycare, but at least she got used to her new teachers and her new classroom… somewhat. The school is closed for the next 2.5 weeks, and Anna will have a lot more time with papa. Hopefully the weather will allow spending time in the pool and in local parks. I can’t believe that the summer is almost gone, and the new school year will start on September 1st.

Reading. Oops! Anna lost her “reading light” this week, because she kept turning it on after her “final bedtime call”. Usually she reads in bed for about 30 minutes and then we ask her to turn off the light and get to sleep. Also practically every day I was finding the light on early in the morning and her sleeping and covering her face with a blanket to avoid bright light. So the light went away for the time being – she might get it back when she is “3 years and 10 months old”, that is, in a week.


Math. We used the trial time of Time4Learning to complete the whole K Math curriculum. I didn’t start the curriculum from the very beginning, because it would frustrate daughter to tears. She definitely understands all K math concepts, and I was surprised to see how easy she could do addition when it was presented in a computer game. She is a lot less resistant in demonstrating the same knowledge otherwise – you can see our failed Lego Math game for more detail. By the way, Anna does play with these numbered blocks – she is just not interested in “puzzling them out”. Unlike many other kids, she does not like puzzles and still struggles even with basic 20 piece puzzle.


Geography. We had a very nice time with our country study this week. We were visiting Japan via books, a very interesting DVD and an actual visit to a real Japanese garden. There was so much more that I wanted to do, but I always planned for country studies to be a spiral study, not a mastery study, so we will definitely revisit Japan one day soon. It’s easy to do where we live since San Jose was always home to a large Japanese American community.Aug9_JapanBook

Arts and Crafts.  Anna was very interested with an idea of writing in pictures. One night she stated that she wants to make a book about her visit to Hakone Gardens. I stapled a few pages together, and she proceeded to cover them in squiggles while dictating herself a story. Some of the squiggles did have some resemblance to reality – for example, she drew a gate for the garden and some rocks. I always like when she comes up with her own projects similar to her modern art ladybug.


Other. Daughter can be pretty helpful when she wants to be, especially when she gets to try new things such as this battery-operated pencil-sharpener. She was very fascinated by it. We still have occasional power struggles about cleaning her room in the afternoon – it’s not so much on whether to do it, it’s rather when. Experience showed that delaying this activity until after dinner makes for a very trying bedtime routine, so we are working on getting her to clean up directly after her “quiet time”. It’s not easy, but we are working on it.

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An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Anna would get along with my oldest son - very well. We're constantly threatening to take away his reading light. Even at his age - I'd rather he not stay up all night reading :)

Ticia said...

I had the same problem. In school I got in trouble in reading class for reading (for some reason teachers expect you to listen to them).

I always find it interesting how different kids have different strengths. One of my boys is great at puzzles and will happily sit at them for hours, while his brother is great at drawing.

My Family My Forever said...

I'm with Anna in our dislike with puzzles:-). My kids and Jamie love them, me, I do not share this love.

Hanna has always done the same thing with a reading light if we let her have one. We have confiscated I think a total of 5 of them now:-). She will stay up so long reading lately, I guess it's a good and bad thing.

Anna is so smart Natalie! I hope she enjoys her two weeks with Papa and they have perfect weather for lots of outdoor and pool fun!

Debbie said...

We've never tried a reading light in the bedroom, but I have a feeling we would have the same struggle play here if we did.

Selena is enjoying the Dreambox math, but I don't see her really learning from it compared to when we sit down and do math hands on togehter. I love seeing how different children learn.

Kim said...

I love her idea of writing up your field trip. And I like your idea of cleaning up earlier in the day. We are finding that to be easier too (Crumpet finally got his toys back and has been cleaning up really well!). And Crumpet won't do puzzles either...

MaryAnne said...

Clean-up is a struggle at our house all too often. And, I remember having an electric pencil sharpener in my 3rd grade classroom - and all of us would take turns playing with it.

Christy said...

Ha - I fall asleep with my reading light on too! I have to tell Tyler repeatedly to turn off the book light and get to sleep.

That's too bad about the summer camp program. At least she got to know the new teachers a bit.

Terra said...

I love the picture of the garden. It's beautiful. Who doesn't like using an electric pencil sharpener??? I love them.

Pathfinder Mom said...

I really hope that Anna enjoys the rest of her summer break. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown this year.

Crunchy and Green said...

It's too bad about the summer camp, I hope the next two weeks are full of fun! I love your country studies, you always do such fun things to go along with them. I am often guilty of falling asleep with my reading light on, too!