Friday, August 6, 2010

preschool corner

Anna is 3 years 9 months old 


We had an interesting week despite occasional displays of moody behavior and bursts of open disobedience. We don’t take well to disobedience, so there was more crying and less privileges than usual. This storm finally passed by Wednesday, and Anna was back to her cheerful and cooperative self. We had a fun trip last Saturday, and you are welcome to try and guess looking at this picture where we went. Then come back for my Science Sunday post on Monday and check to see if you are right :) My husband also took Anna for her first dental appointment on Tuesday. She was completely unfazed by it, probably because she knew quite well what to expect due to all the books about dentists that we read. She was almost looking forward to having a cavity, but luckily she had none. Her favorite parts were watching a Dora movie and getting a new sticker, toothbrush and toothpaste in the end of the visit.

Reading. We had a very nice reading week with a lot of picture books that were on Anna’s reading level. Visit What My Child Is Reading tomorrow to see our picks. I also had her read The Magic Tree House to me (we are now reading the first book again by her request), but she always “delegates” chapter books back to me after one page of reading.


Math. We had a lot of fun with math lately and Anna still insists on doing K Math at Time4Learning every day. I have to say that even though we both still dislike certain quirks of user interface, this program is great in offering short and “finite” activities that can be fit right after dinner, so we finally fell into a math routine. I am also amused with how quickly Anna had mastered both trackpad and mouse – for some reason I expected it to be a lot more painful. We have finished “measurements” chapter and played a lot with various measurement tools and money.


Arts & Crafts. Anna did more unprompted arts and crafts this week using her new oil pastels and notepad. I like it when she first plans what she wants to draw, then she applies herself a lot more. She still first draws and then interprets her drawings most of the time. She also made a fun shape family on her own and attempted to make paper planes.


Play. Our self-made castle (still undecorated) gets a lot of play. Well, to be honest, the Playmobil knights get a lot of play. Since Anna doesn’t like conflict, the knights are best friends. Sometimes they fight “invisible bad guys”, but mostly they go on a quest for a missing cookie, make presents to each other and, of course, feast together. They also got additional accessories – hair bands.

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Joyful Learner said...

I love the homemade castle! I wonder how Anna and JC would get along? JC is all about drama and conflicts. I'll have to remind JC to subdue her drama when she meets Anna. We all have good days and bad days. Glad Anna came around and was back to her happy self again!

Christy said...

C is all about conflicts too. He loves battling. R prefers to live a battle free, conflict free existence, but with two brothers, that is a luxury she is not afforded.

I am always so impressed with everything you manage to do with Anna. I don't know how you fit it all in to your day while working. Someday, you'll have to share your secret. I will be teaching a class at a local law school this fall and I'm a nervous wreck about how I am going to work 15 hours and accomplish everything at home!

Terra said...

We've been having the some discipline/disobedience problems lately as well. We also took our girls to the dentist on Monday and they did extremely well. Isn't it amazing how they are not fazed by things that we think are going to be traumatizing to them?

My Family My Forever said...

I think we all have our fair share of discipline/obedience problems. I know we do here.

It must be something about those cardboard castles that's captivating because ours is played with lots too.

I have no idea where you went, but I'll be back to see on Monday:-).

Anna still amazes me with her reading abilities!

Mom and Kiddo said...

I am impressed with how much you do with Anna during the week. I feel like I've accomplished a lot if my children have avoided injuring each other. lol.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm with Mom and Kiddo - you do so many "school" activities with Anna!

MaryAnne said...

My dad tried to teach me chess when I was a little older than Anna. I didn't like the conflict and refused to play properly; instead I had the different pieces visit each other...

We had an un-fun start to the week as well, but the second half has gone much better. Maybe there was something in the air ;)

Ticia said...

I wonder if it's something in the air, because my kids were whiny all week long.

Oh well, it's all good. I have no clue where you went, but I'm really curious to find out.

Kim said...

I love the shape family. And I love that the knights work together. At our house, it's battle, battle, battle...Glad the unhappy phase passed!

Aging Mommy said...

Love the home made castle and we definitely need to plan our first trip to the dentist still but I am dreading it given how things go any time we go to the doctor's office :-)