Saturday, July 31, 2010

I usually review our library finds, but our home library is rather large as well, and Smarty often pulls her favorites off the shelves for independent reading. The first two books are from our library, the other two are library picks.
What do people do all dayWe love Richard Scarry’s books here and read What People Do All Day many times together since Smarty was about 2. Lately, she keeps this book in her bed and studies it every night. She has her favorite stories there (Travel by Train and How the Bread Is Made), and she really sees to be interested in the details of the stories. In general, she seems more and more interested in non-fiction, especially in the books about how things work. Penguins
We had Penguins easy reader since Christmas (a present from my parents), but Smarty had no interest in this book whatsoever. Suddenly she keeps reading it, and the pages that really get her attention is a map that shows where penguins live and the pages that range the penguins from smallest to largest and describe their heights. By the way, I didn’t know that some penguins live in Africa until she told me about it.
DK Nursery Rhymes
Smarty really likes poems and rhymes. She still keeps This Little Piggy that we received for review from Tiger Tales on her bed shelf. I brought her another good book of nursery rhymes from the library, and she has been reading it every day. It’s too funny to listen to her when she attempts to sing some of the rhymes while reading them. Like me, she seems to have a problem remembering lyrics of her favorite songs and sometimes makes up her own words to them.
Pajama Day
We like Fancy Nancy early readers even better than original big books. I love the illustrations, and the stories focus on friendships and normal activities. Again, I have to say that even though Pajama Day is marked as “Level 1”, it’s a pretty advanced reader, especially due to “fancy words”. Unlike many other books we read about school relationships, nobody in this book is mean, and after being excluded due to poor choices in her wardrobe Nancy is invited to play with her friends again. Smarty loved this positive ending a lot.
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Anonymous said...

We have been meaing to read "what people do all day" so thank you for the review!! And great Linky..

Maggy, Red Ted Art

Annette W. said...

Yea Richard Scary. We've never read Fancy Nancy!

Fairion said...

We love Fancy Nancy but have not seen the Early Reader ones. We are going to need to get some of those.

Christy said...

I like the Fancy Nancy Early Readers too. It does bug me that some level one easy reader books are so advanced.

I am the only person on earth who does not care for Richard Scarry books.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Like Christy, I thought I was the only one who didn't like Richard Scarry books - good to know I'm not alone :)

Nancy's choice of pajama, was a little strange for school. It helped me understand our local parents objections to the day, here in town, this year.

April said...

I like nursery rhyme books, I buy them whenever I see them used or really cheap.

That's great that Anna likes to read nonfiction. Along with all of the geography/history you do with her, I can imagine she is going to be a little scholar.

This is my first week linking up!

Julie said...

The early reader leveling is extremely frustrating as each publisher seems to have its own idea of what each level is. But I will check that Fancy Nancy book out as a read aloud for M. Thanks for the recommendation!

My Family My Forever said...

I see lots of books in your amazon widget that we love this week! Owl Babies and we love all Magic Tree House books. Read them to Hanna and am enjoying reading them aloud to Joe currently:-).

Did you see Adventures of Bear's idea to make a sort of unit study with the Magic Tree House books? Now that sounds like fun!

Ticia said...

I think the different easy reader levels are frustrating. It'd be nice if they all used the Reading Recovery levels or something like that. But then they'd have to admit that many of their easy reader books aren't really that.

Jackie H. said...

Isn't it interesting how a child will just take interest in something they've had forever and never cared for. I wonder what catches their fancy?
I LOVE Richard Scarry. My kid hasn't gotten into his books yet. I'm still hoping though...

Anonymous said...

PBS had a show about penguins on tonight called Nature: Penguins of the Antartic. Fascinating stuff.

Has Anna read "The Emperor's Egg?" We really love that book about penguins.