Saturday, July 3, 2010

We finally settled back in the routine, and I managed to convince Anna return mountains of library books to the library. It’s not easy since she usually wants to keep most of them. It’s a bad sign for the book if she happily sends it back to the library. Here are some of those winners that she chose to keep:

The very fairy princess

According to Anna, this was her most favorite book of the week. I was somewhat surprised since Anna is not really a princess type and doesn’t like to be called Princess. She always corrects the person who says this and tells him/her that she is “just Anna”. When we read this book together, I thought that the book was cute, but it didn’t impress me as much as some other good books we read. I thought, however, that illustrations are beautiful.

Fourth of July Mice We read Valentine Mice of the same author before, so I pounced on Fourth of July Mice when I saw it in the library. We were both not disappointed. The story is simple enough for Anna to read by herself and focuses on celebration of summer and 4th of July as seen by small children… er…by mice. There is also a small side story in the book about overcoming fears and being brave. It’s Anna’s “fall asleep with” book this week, and she can probably tell it by heart now.

When Stella Was Small

We read one of Stella books by Marie Louise Gay before and enjoyed it, so I was happy to see another book on our “New Arrivals” shelf in the library. It was my personal favorite of the week, both in the level of story telling and in illustrations. I think it was a bit more confusing for Anna, since she doesn’t remember herself as a baby, but she still enjoyed seeing the world first through the eyes of a baby and then through the eyes of a bigger girl. Again, she read this book many times on her own after we read it together.

Buster Hunts for Dinosaurs

After trying various picture book series for new readers, we finally found something that Anna enjoys – Postcards from Buster. I like them too, because they tell interesting stories and also teach a bit of US geography. This one was about Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. My only complaint is that photos included in the book are of a very poor quality. On Thursday I borrowed home a DVD with a few episodes, and we will see if Anna likes the movies as much as she liked the books.

What are your children reading? Link up and share – this linky is open all week.


Mom and Kiddo said...

I really like marie Louise Gay's illustrations. Her Houndsley and Catina books are nice easy readers. Have you and Anna looked at those yet?

Pathfinder Mom said...

We have the same negotiations with books going back to the library. TB really doesn't like it when we have one that can't be renewed.

Christy said...

R loves that Stella book. We have borrowed it from the library a few times. I'll add the others to my list!

The girl who painted trees said...

We read the Stella book last week or the week before. We signed out a whole bunch of Marie-Louise Gay books. We own Angel and the Polar Bear which I love a lot and probably posted about at some point.
We had the mice book this week too! But Bear never asked for it again. It was cute, but since we don't really do anything for 4th of July (we don't like crowds much) I suppose she doesn't relate to it.

Fairion said...

The Stella book looks amazing. We are going to check that one right out. We are also looking into Buster. Anything that makes Geography more interesting is a win here and who can go wrong with dinosaurs.
Thanks for the recommendations.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

We've seen a few of the Buster shows, the kids liked them okay. It seems like there was some controversy with them though - but now I can't remember what it was all about.

Joyful Learner said...

I'm always amazed how much Anna loves to read! Anna is to reading as JC is to drawing. It sounds like Anna lives to read!

Debbie said...

We will have to check out the first two books here, I am sure Selena would enjoy them.

I will have our reading list posted by Monday. We're off for our trip! Happy 4th!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Awww... I love how Fourth of July Mice is Anna's fall asleep with book this week! So cute!! I'm going to look for it at our library! :-)

S said...

We love the Stella books here too. Dimples is a Stella and now frequently asks me for a little brother that we can name Sam :)