Friday, July 9, 2010

preschool corner

Anna is 3 years 8 months old. 


The week started with Independence Day block party, which was a lot more fun for all of us than last year. This year Anna was very excited about fireworks and enjoyed all the festivities – swimming in the pool, going down the water slide, watching a dancing competition and spending a lot of time at a “patriotic rice” station equipped with many containers – a big attraction for kids of all ages. I also accomplished one of my July goals – we found a local teenager who I think will be a great babysitter. Interestingly, Anna is very excited about it – I think she can’t wait to have a “big girl” giving her all her attention :)

Reading. Anna has completed her summer readJuly3_Readinging program in no time at all and continues to raise eyebrows of strangers when she reads something out of the blue. She always says that reading is her favorite thing to do and spends a couple of hours every day reading on her own. She is now mostly reading silently, but shows good comprehension when I ask her about the content. We still need to work more on breaking complex words in syllables, because she tends to mispronounce or skip them entirely.


Spelling/Vocabulary building. This is one of my favorite pictures of the week – Anna playing with her 3-letter speller, a present from Mari-Ann and James. I think that this speller didn’t receive proper attention from her in a hustle and bustle of coming back from the travel and settling down, but she kept playing with it all week. She is mostly entertained with sorting all the combinations into “words” and “non-words” and discussing a meaning of each word. She is getting to be pretty good in coming up with word definitions when I ask her. For example, mud is when water falls into dirt and the dirt gets all squishy.July6_CountingCubes

Math. Anna was quite obsessed with measuring this week – measuring with her ruler, measuring tape and hands. Partially it was due to the book we got at the library, Carrie Measures Up from Math Matters series. She really enjoyed the book which manages to tell a good story while slipping some math in too. She also had a blast playing with her new counting blocks from $1 section of Target – a present from her papa.


Geography. Anna spent a lot of time playing with her new US States Sound Puzzle. We also read a few books about states, see more here. She is mostly interested in California and New Jersey and keeps asking when we can go to New Jersey again to see Babushka and Dedushka, but she also made a lot of observations on the shape and size of other states. She cracked me up when she asked how George Washington can live in two places at once – she is fully convinced that he is still around and that he lives in the places that bear his name.


Practical Life. Inspired by The Adventures of Bear, I handed Anna a sponge one day and invited her to wash dishes. She took to it with great enthusiasm – it’s funny how routine chores can be exciting for our kids. She even managed to do a reasonably good job without creating a small lake around her. She also gets better in putting her toys away without having a big fight about it every evening.

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Debbie said...

Another great week. I love the picture of Anna washing the dishes. I know when I had a dishwasher with my older kids, they always helped load and unload.

Christy said...

My kids love to help with the dishes! They'll do anything to play in the sink.

Congrats on finding a babysitter!

Can Anna teach my kids to pick up after themselves?

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I'm glad you both had fun at the block party!

Kim said...

Glad you enjoyed the 4th of July! And so glad you found a babysitter. We need to do that... I've heard there's a good one in the neighborhood, but am waiting for Crumpet to be more settled in our new place before I seek her out. Great school week - I love that she helped with the dishes!

littlewondersdays said...

Looks like a wonderful week. It's nice when they can start helping and enjoy it too!

I just buy the acrylic paints at the craft store when they go on sale. I think the brands are Apple Barrel and Craft Smart. I keep them in a Rubbermaid box up out of everyone's reach and cover the table when we use them.

Mari-Ann said...

Looks like you had a wonderful week. So glad Anna likes the spinny speller! :)

Terra said...

I think I'm going to have to give my little one a sponge and have her wash the dishes. I can't wait to see what she'll do. Where do can I get one of those spinny speller things? Looks like a really cool little educational toy.

Pathfinder Mom said...

That's a great picture of the two of you!

I really wonder when kids typically start to read. I know that I was 6. We still get huge eyebrows raised with Tornado Boy's reading in public. I figure in the coming year it will seem more "normal".