Friday, July 23, 2010

preschool corner


It’s been another good week. For the very first time we left our daughter with a babysitter and made it to our friends’ party. She did very well, but woke me up at 4 am – just wanted to make sure you guys are home. At the same time, she lobbies for another trip to Babushka and Dedushka – but she wants it to be in winter, because she wants to see snow “for real”. I am also excited with Anna’s increased ability to play by herself – lately she is content to play in the backyard or in the kitchen for an hour or so in the evening, so I have time to cook or to catch up with work. She is so busy with her pretend play that she doesn’t have any time for TV – she didn’t ask to watch anything in two weeks, I think, and I really like it this way.

Reading. A couple of times this week I woke up early in the morning to find the light on in Anna’s room and her sleeping on top of several books. She didn’t have those books in her bed in the evening, so I guess somewhere in the middle of the night she wakes up and grabs a couple of books to read herself back to sleep – just like her father.


Geography. It didn’t quite happen by design, but this week was busy with geography. We played with maps, studied landmarks and made Tower of Pisa (OK, it ended up as Pooh bedroom, but still). I find it a lot of fun to share my passion for seeing the world with Anna, even though it’s only a virtual travel so far, and I like to watch how she absorbs this knowledge and uses it in her play.


Math. Anna is obsessed with measuring at the moment, and her favorite book for the past two weeks was Carrie Measures Up. She practically memorized the book and asked me several times to replay the story. The story also involves knitting, and she can’t wait to learn how to knit. Sadly, I completely forgot how to do it, but maybe knitting is like riding a bike, and I will recall it once I take the needles in my hands again.


Playing. I admit that I enjoy just hanging out with Anna nowadays. I used to worry that she wants to be entertained all the time, but this starts to change. She still loves for us to play with her, but she doesn’t seem to be bored or lonely when she is left to her own devices. Sometimes she plays physical games on her own, sometimes she is a ballerina on the stage, but mostly she is buying (or gathering), preparing and serving food. It’s really amazing to watch her imagination grow and listen in to her stories. Now finally I start wishing for time to slow down and I try to treasure every moment of our time together.

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Christy said...

Great post. I love that Anna reads herself back to sleep. So cute.

Ticia said...

I think that happened to me a couple of times, falling asleep on the books. I know it has for my kids.

I think when the boys were her age they played the same games.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

You could try finger knitting/weaving with Anna. If she used eyelash yarn, she could make herself a boa for when she reads Fancy Nancy :)

Debbie said...

Knitting didn't come that difficult for me to pick up after I hadn't done it for years, so maybe you will find it the same way. Isn't it bitter sweet when they start learning to entertain themselves and don't need us as often.

Kim said...

How wonderful that she is so happy playing that she doesn't even think of t.v! And it's wonderful that you are enjoying being with her so much! This is a good age. I find myself wishing to slow time down too - soon, they'll have their own friends and activities, and wish we'd just go away...

MaryAnne said...

It sounds like Anna is truly emerging as her own little person - I love getting to know my children as they learn and grow and explore this way!

The girl who painted trees said...

Love that she falls asleep with her books:)