Friday, June 18, 2010

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Anna is 3 years 7 months old


I am writing this review on a plane carrying me to UK. This week started with Anna being really sick – probably she got the same virus that both of us brought from our cruise. We are blessed with a fairly healthy child, and it was very hard for me to see her feverish, lethargic and weak. This picture is taken when I tried to get some Pedialyte into her, and she was fighting against it. Luckily, rehydration worked, and she was even able to start her summer camp on Monday. I am happy to report that she feels a lot better now, and I hope that she will enjoy her special time with papa.

Reading. I am afraid we are running out of bookshelf space in Fancy Nancy Sees StarsAnna’s room again. It doesn’t help that she usually reads about a dozen books at the same time and insists that they have to be where she wants them to be. She always craves new books even though she has her favorites. She enjoyed this Fancy Nancy book a lot – she could read it easily, but it’s by far not the same Level 1 as, say, Biscuit books. We have some fights over long words (like planetarium) – she tends to skip the words that she doesn’t recognize instantly. She is able to read them fine if I make her stop and sound them out.

June14_Measurement Math. Once Anna felt better, we could spend a few minutes here and there revisiting measurements (an episode from Sid the Science Kid helped too). I pulled out a measurement tape, and she wanted to know how many T-Rexes will fit in our picture (about a quarter, maybe?). I also measured her with a tailor tape, because my mom plans to make a sweater for her. It led to an interesting hands-on discussion how in Europe where we come from the length is measured in centimeters and in inches.


Science and social studies. We had dinosaurs in various forms for science – Anna is still very much fascinated with them. I will write more about it in my Science Sunday post. We read books about our flag for history, but this topic didn’t really engage her too much. And she watched a lot of Sid the Science Kid – it’s the only thing that she wants to watch.


Fine Motor Skills. Not a whole lot of art happened here. She grudgingly made a Father’s Day card (I hope she won’t forget to give it to her papa on Sunday), but spent a little bit of time playing with playdoh. She still has no interest whatsoever in writing, but her new preK teacher has assured me that the situation will be much different a year from now. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Creativity/Problem Solving. I love to see “flashes of brilliance” when Anna makes things completely on her own out of available materials. On her first day in a new classroom she told me that there is a house there with babies and high chairs. So during her quiet time she made her own high chair for her doll by turning one of her wooden chairs upside down and propping it against the shelf. She also trapped a hapless “baby” in a “high chair” with a pile of books that she plans to use to teach baby how to read. I thought I have a picture of this, but I guess it’s still on my camera back home.

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Christy said...

It's funny because I cannot get Reagan to attempt reading, but she is writing beautifully! Collin was like Anna - reading before he was four, but would not even attempt to write much other than his name.

I'm glad you are all feeling better.

Have a safe and fun trip.

Adriana said...

Diego is the opposite. He loves to write but has little interest in reading by himself. I think that is strange since he will sit and listen to me read books for hours.
I love the story about about the high chair for her baby. Have a safe trip!

littlewondersdays said...

She does so much in a week! I think you're right to pay attention to her fine motor skills though. My oldest has/had a fine motor delay that I had noticed starting around two. He didn't want to focus on fine motor skills or any form of coloring. He resisted writing and finally at 4 he was tested and was behind. I'm not trying to say she does or doesn't have a delay, just that I think you're right to watch. We tried to do fun hand strengthening things first. Things like playing with play dough, spray bottles, piano playing, wheelbarrow walking...I hope I haven't overstepped my place. You've mentioned your concern about this issue a few times and I didn't want you to think you were alone.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I love the high chair idea - Anna has a real creative streak, even if it's not showing up during her art times.

MaryAnne said...

I remember turning a chair upside down like that for a high chair - but I think I was five or six years old. Great thinking, Anna!

I think it's funny that Anna reads but won't write while Emma writes but won't read. I guess they each have their own interests they choose to develop first =)

Ticia said...

I don't think my boys had any interest in writing until 4.

Love that first picture of Anna, way too cute.

Jenny said...

I'm always impressed by what a Smarty Anna is. BTW, thanks for doing the giveaways; I'm so excited I won the jumpstart membership. And also, I linked to you in my last post.

Pathfinder Mom said...

I really, really wish that the U.S. would adopt the metric system. It is SO much easier and it makes so much sense!

Writing will come and it really can develop quickly once they're ready.