Monday, May 3, 2010

Apr28_ArtBox1 This week I finally cleaned up all the junk accumulated in Anna’s art box, work boxes and in her play kitchen in the last month or so. As I was going through this process she was busy making collages from all the scraps and loose parts that I discovered. It’s interesting how engrossed she can get in these activities when she is in the mood – cutting, gluing and quietly humming something to herself.Apr25_ArtBox2

I saw so many kids enjoying do-a-dot markers on many blogs, but Anna is indifferent to hers. Well, the moment I told her I am going to put them away for now to clear space, she wanted them. She also wanted her triangular markers (leftover from her toddler days) and played with both for a while. Both sets still went into storage – maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder.

Apr25_Painting2 We also spent some time outside painting. To be exact, I was painting. Anna was busy color mixing and trying out her results. I think it’s pretty obvious which pictures are hers and which pictures are mine even though I tried to simplify mine as much as possible.


For more open-ended art projects visit The Art Box at Tired, Need Sleep.


Christy said...

I like Anna's art! My kids love the Do A Dot markers.

Ticia said...

Mine go back and forth on the whole Do a Dot thing. Sometimes they play like crazy, which is why I bought them, and then other times they completely forget about them.
Oh, and they discovered you can pry the top off and pour all of the paint out.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

En plein air painting at the age of three - impressive! :)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Matthew's favorite thing to do with the dot painters is using them on paper towels, then spraying them with water. He enjoys them other ways too, but is indifferent to them much of the time. I love seeing Anna making her collage, and both of your paintings are great! It's so much fun to paint outside... hopefully our weather will cooperate and we can do it soon!