Saturday, April 17, 2010

We had a lot of books to read this week – both together and independently, and we went through all of them more than once. I tried to get Smarty to pinpoint her favorites, but she was always picking the one I was holding at the moment. So I will have to go with my observations and with the books that she chose to keep for another week. Long and complicated stories ruled in joint reading:
The Princess and the Pizza
I first found out about this book from The Adventures of Bear some time ago and eventually decided to get it. I admit that while the story is engaging, the illustrations are not “mine”. I thought that all the characters were ugly, and I didn’t particular like the main character. Smarty , however, asked for the story many times and asked many questions. For example, she wanted to know what does the losers will be beheaded means. She also added For Pete’s sake to her vocabulary – not something that I want to hear from a three year old. Still – it was definitely one of the winners of the week.
I picked up The Story of Babar and The Travels of Babar in the library, because the illustrations looked oddly familiar to me. I am pretty sure that I had those books when I was a child too. It’s written in 1931, and it shows. No political correctness there – in the first book there is a detailed illustration of Babar weeping over his dead mother, in the second book he and his wife end up on an island populated by savage cannibals, end elephants are waging a war with rhinos. Both stories are also long, and I should have taken a closer look at them in the library. But… Smarty was mesmerized. She keeps returning to those books and asked to keep them for another week even though I only allowed her to keep 7 books out of current 30+ that we have checked out.
In the rain with baby duck
I was attracted to this book in the library because of bright and cheerful illustrations. Now we have a new favorite author and will keep an eye out for other books by Amy Hest. The topic was appropriate since we had so much rain in the beginning of this week, but unlike Baby Duck, daughter was delighted to splash in the rain. It was Smarty “bathroom reader”, and she read it to herself many times before finally moving on to her next “bathroom reader”.
Owen and Mzee Best Friends
Smarty is not a big fan of fact-based books, but she enjoyed the true story of Owen and Mzee. The illustrations are pretty, and the story is pretty compelling. I am still flabbergasted with how this reader with long words and quite a complex story can be the same level 1 as the stories with 5 words on the page, but I digress. We read it together once, and then she was reading it on her own many times. She ventured a theory that Mzee was also very wrinkled, so Owen probably thought that it’s his new mama. There is definitely a point in that :)
What is your child reading? Please link up to share – linky is open all week. If you want to participate in my current giveaways, please go to the giveaway posts and give yourself an extra entry for participating in WMCIR this week. I am also linking my blog hop to other two book lovers – Feed Me Books Friday at The Adventure of Motherhood and Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope Is the Word.


Julie said...

I think we'll probably avoid those first two, but the last two sound good. I know what you mean about early readers, though. Every publisher has a different system. C is reading some Level 2s and in other series he can't even read a Level 1. It's quite annoying actually.

Ticia said...

It's funny the different levels they assign for early readers, I'm with you and Julie it'd be nice if they used a standard system. Or even better if they used one of the systems the teachers use to level the books.
I didn't see the linky, I don't know if I'm missing it or something.

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

We love the Baby Duck books too! There are quite a few of them. I like the sound of your first two books, but I think content-wise they aren't appropriate for Matthew yet. I'll have to definitely keep them in mind though!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Interesting about Babar - I think it's considered a "classic", but we haven't read any of them - thanks for the content warning.

Debbie said...

I remember Babar from when I was a kid, but I don't remember its content maybe due to what you describe I probably disliked it.

The last two sound like good books though.

Christy said...

We recently read the Princess and the Pizza book and I was not really fond of it either - my kids liked it. I am also not fond of Princess Smartypants - a bunch of people recommended it to me.

Funny - I didn't like the look of the characters either.

I'm going to look for Amy Hest books right now! Thanks.

Ticia said...

Cool, I can't accidentally reenter my link. Since apparently I tried to enter it several times.

Cara said...

I'm going to add some Baby Duck books to our library list for this week! We got quite a few at the library last time that The Littlest Apple doesn't like. I need to do a better job of going in with a list, or requesting them in advance.

Cindy said...

We didn't get to post this week since we are out of town. Your Frosty book made me smile. I always find it funny when I read winter books when it is warm out. Actually, I usually try to avoid reading them b/c I really DISLIKE winter and we are surrounded by it for so long. We will have to look for Hest books too.