Friday, April 30, 2010


Another month passed by. I have made some new commitments to myself that I hope to start implementing next month. Mostly it’s about being more organized and finding time for exercise. I didn’t do as well with both of those areas in April as I hoped, but I also know more now about what really works for me and what doesn’t. I also found new inspiration in the comment that amazing Valerie from Frugal Blog Fun made on one of my posts. She said that her girls learn to try new things by watching her trying them and having fun. I want to do more of simple explore-and-play and less of “school” activities with Anna, especially since our time together is  already so limited. We had a lot of fun in April when I tried to follow her lead more and not worry about curriculum. I love to see how her imagination takes off and how she digests what she reads and learns and expresses it through her play.


Finding a bee nest in our siding has been a blessing in disguise, since we finally got moving on one of our major renovation projects for the year – a new siding and a coat of paint for our house. In the process we made a discovery – our house had no insulation whatsoever. Now we know why our winter bills were so high. Hopefully, we will see the benefits on insulated house in the summer too when the weather gets hot enough for A/C.

I am looking forward to May – to better weather, more grilling outside, longer days and possibly to a vacation in the last week or in the first week of June. I have a lot of plans and more energy – I hope it’s going to be a great month for all of us.


Annette W. said...

I like your fun plan...and can't believe you don't have insulation! That's wonderful you learned now!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Wow! No insulation at all? I can't imagine.

Your plans of more learning through play and fun, and less "school" sound wonderful for Anna, especially at her age.

Pathfinder Mom said...

What a discovery! That should make a huge difference for you. I definitely saw the difference it makes when we moved to our current house.

Anna is so far ahead of the curve already, and she'll be learning no matter what you do together. Enjoy your time together!

Ticia said...

Wow! No insulation, that's just crazy. And that does explain your huge bills.

And I love that picture of you up at the top.

Debbie said...

Boy I couldn't imagine not have insulation in my home, well not here anyway!

You and Anna will enjoy a more relaxed time together. Selena and I sure are!

Adriana said...

I have to add my shock to the lack of insulation. We are doing much less "school" right now too. Diego seems to be getting plenty in his two days a week at preschool and since it is so pretty outside we would rather be playing. Makes it hard to find stuff to blog about though. :) This summer when it is brutally hot outside and his not attending school, I am sure that we will be back at it.

Christy said...

No insulation is crazy! That would be scary in MA!

It sounds like you have some great goals.

I agree -- Valerie is amazing.

MaryAnne said...

I'm glad you got rid of that bee's nest! And insulation should make a big difference this summer. I hope May is a fun month full of explorative learning.