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What My Child Is Reading – March 27, 2010

This was not the best of our reading weeks. Usually we find the book or two every week – the book which we read many times. Somehow we again ended up having 52 books from the library, and as a result Anna was on “I just want the book I didn’t read before” track all week. She also got in serious trouble for pulling a page out of a library book (a page with no text that sometimes comes before a title page), because she wanted to make a bookmark. She was punished – 2 days with no reading time from both parents. There was a lot of crying. All this led to pretty dull week here, but here are some of our favorites:

How My House Grew

How My Garden Grew is a pretty old book that we found at the library, and Anna was reading it again and again on her own this week. The story is rather simple and goes over the steps needed in planting and taking care of the garden. It also follows the garden cycle from spring to winter. It’s a good book both for very young children and for early readers.

A Present for Toot

After success of Toot and Puddle in our house, we got one of the sequel books in the library. Anna didn’t find A Present for Toot as interesting as the first one. She did look at it on her own once or twice, but I felt that the ending was a little ambiguous for her. She couldn’t tell me whether Toot liked his present – probably because Toot didn’t act in a wildly enthusiastic manner of toddlers in the end. Still, it’s a great book that ties well with the original story and develops characters further.

The Snail and the Whale

The Snail and the Whale was positively my favorite book of this week. I was so sure that Anna will like it too. It rhymes great, the illustrations are beautiful, and it has a theme of traveling and seeing new places. Unfortunately, she didn’t like it. There was one page of the whale in the storm which she found scary, and then she didn’t like the fact that the race boats caused the whale to become stranded. I highly recommend this book.

Math Fables

Math Fables was recommended by Kelly from One Small Room. I guess my expectations were high, so I was somewhat disappointed. The idea of the book (how a number can be constructed out of two smaller numbers) is interesting, but some of the rhymes felt forced, and some of the words (prudent, procrastinate) were a bit hard for Anna. I also noticed that she is a lot more interested in live math books when they involve people and not animals.

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Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

I love the Toot and Puddle books!! We even watch the show on Nick Jr., I think it is.

Thanks for the recommendations!

Christy said...

We love Toot and Puddle.

Do you have to pay for the library book? Our library is pretty forgiving but I have heard that most libraries require patrons to pay for damaged books. Well, I bet she won't do it again.

Cindy said...

The Snail and the Whale sound wonderful. It sounds like you guys had an interesting week. I am sure Anna now understands not to rip out pages. And just a little hint from a mom with a 17 yr old girl, "They can have some wicked mood swings. Just you wait!" :) But now I don't only have a daughter I have a new best friend.

仲亨 said...
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Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

I think M would love How My Garden Grew. I'll look for both that one and the whale one!

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

How My Garden Grew looks like one we'll have to pick up - even though it doesn't feel like we're ever going to get to gardening outside. We're still in the snow/sun/snow phase of spring.

Pathfinder Mom said...

Ouch on the ripped pages. We've had that happen to our own books, but I still keep the library books as a "controlled substance" to try to protect them from loss or damage.

Sorry that you didn't enjoy Math Fables. Tornado Boy is definitely a fan of big words.

Debbie said...

I have checked out sequels thinking we would enjoy them only to find out that Selena hasn't been that interested in them as well.

Jenny said...

We love Toot and Puddle!

MaryAnne said...

Okay, I finally got my act together and linked up!

I MUST read "The Snail and the Whale" - I keep seeing it on blogs! That garden book sounds like a good one for my kids, too.

Eva said...

I'll have to check out The snail and whale :)

Julie said...

How My Garden Grew sounds very good. I hope my library has it too. Sorry it was a rough week. Hopefully this coming week will include more fun reading.

Cara said...

Wow! That's a lot of library books. I'm honestly surprised that my guy hasn't ripped more pages out of library books....he gets a little too excited turning those pages sometimes!

How My Garden Grew sounds perfect! We're starting to do some gardening here, planting seeds, pulling weeds, adding new flowers to the flower beds, and I'd love to read some gardening books with The Littlest Apple.

Ticia said...

Snail and the Whale sounds cute...... It's been crazy this week, so I never got my post up (obviously, since I"m just now commenting). Oh well, just means I have to put them in next week's.

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