Saturday, March 13, 2010

This was a good reading week. It was quite hard to select top four books that I traditionally review in this post. You can read my separate post about Kiwi and Pear –this book definitely was at the top of our reading choices this week – first as a joint reading, then as Anna’s independent reading book.


This fantastic book was recommended by one of my favorite bloggers – Elise at Inspiration Abounds, Creativity Surrounds. It’s kind of hard to describe this book. Illustration are incredibly detailed and gorgeous. Every story has two double spreads – one is a pretend setup at home – jungles, ice worlds, savannah, etc. The second double page pictures animal life from that place. Anna loved pretend places much better and asked innumerable questions. She was not interested whatsoever in identifying animal life – she is not exactly an animal person. Other children may react to the book differently, but it’s the beauty of it – there is enough in it for everyone.

A House Is a House for Me

This book has almost earned the “flop spot” last week. I picked it in the library, because her preschool theme was Habitats. From the first look at the cover Anna declared it “boring” and didn’t want to read it. Over the weekend she changed her mind and we ended up reading it very many times. Interestingly, Anna appears to have no recollection that we already read it last summer. She didn’t react much to it then, but connected a lot better to it now and really enjoyed finding her own habitats around her. The story rhymes well, and the illustrations are very engaging. I especially liked the ending, And the Earth is a home to us all. It doesn’t hurt to remember it always.

Pattern Bugs

I try to pick up at least one “Live Math” book in the library every week. Pattern Bugs was actually a random pick from the display shelf, and it turned out to be a winner. The text was easy enough for Anna to read by herself, and she was taking it with her on the car rides. The illustrations are bright and they offer a lot of chances to look for various patterns, not just for ABAB pattern. Anna was also fascinated with the cover graphics – how bugs curved themselves into the letters. I don’t know how much math she is learning from those books, but at least the concepts are reinforced through good literature.

The Earth and I

I was excited to stumble upon a new book from Frank Asch in the library. We really like his Moonbear series, but this book is illustrated differently. I only got to read the story once – Anna declared that she can read it herself and didn’t want to waste our reading time together on it. I was so-so on the story – it’s a little too simple for my taste, but I really enjoyed rainbow watercolor illustrations. We might recheck it again from the library for the Earth Day.

What are your children reading? Please link up and share – the linky is open all week. I am also linking to my two sisters in kid lit linkies - Feed Me Books Friday at The Adventure of Motherhood and Read-Aloud Thursday at Hope is the World.


Julie said...

Pattern Bugs looks great! I picked up a math book by Loreen Leedy this week but so far C hasn't let me read it to him. Maybe next week.

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

I have to remember to look for Kiwi and Pear. It's interesting how Anna reacted to the cover picture on your second selection = does she like more modern illustrations?

Ticia said...

My kids totally rejected a House is a House for Me. I ended upselling my copy to Half Price.
But, Pattern Bugs looks super cool, and I remember Elise showing that book and thinking I needed to find it.

Debbie said...

I thought about looking into Pattern Bugs, but we are going through an icky bug stage right now so I think I will hold off. I did reseve Kiwi and Pear. The other books sound good too.

Cindy said...

Pattern bugs looks fun. We read I Read Signs a few weeks ago by Hoban so we will have to look for the Look Book too.

Joyful Learner said...

I love A House is a House for Me but I haven't introduced it to JC yet.

Pattern Bugs looks interesting. It sort of reminds me of Some Smug Slug which we read last year and JC simply LOVED it! I just asked her and she remembers it. Not sure if Anna will like it because a frog eats the slug at the end but we both loved the story...rhymes and insects shaped like letters.

You pick the best books and I enjoy reading your reviews because they are very honest.

Anonymous said...

Pattern Bugs looks like it would be a great fit for us. We're about to start a unit on beetles, so that's not too far off. Tornado Boy is all about patterns right now - he's starting to recognize other types of patterns - like audio ones now. He was "barking" in different dog voices to make up sound patterns the other night.

Elise said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. You put a great big smile on my face (this is one tired face, so it was just what I needed).

Savvy isn't that interested in the imaginary places in Imagine (although I thought she would be). She is fascinated with knowing the names of the animals. She has become excellent at using the key at the back of the book. Like you said, the book offers both options, so there is a chance that the reader will get something out of the book.

Pattern Bugs is also now on my list of books to buy. You always feature such interesting books and write really informative and honest reviews. I love learning about the books that you discover.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add that A House Is a House for Me is free today (3/14) on One More Story through the BookIt program - - I knew there was a reason that covered looked familiar!

Cara said...

The Imagine book sounds amazing! I love books with gorgeous illustrations, the kind that you always spot something new in, every time you look at them.

Pattern Bugs sounds like a neat one too. I love the graphics from the cover.

SANDRA said...

All of the books you reviews are interestihg. I will definately look into finding those books.

Thank you for commenting on our Book reviews this week. I approved the comment and it said it was published but did not show up.

We are happy to be back participating in "What my child is reading."