Friday, March 5, 2010

Anna is 3 years 4 months old


It was a better week. I am glad that we are sticking with our nap ritual. Even when Anna doesn’t sleep, she gets her rest time and unwinds, but this week she was actually napping again. It was nice to spend some “non-cranky” time with her. We also had two visitors that provided a break from normal routine for everyone – one visitor came from Germany and one from Japan. Anna’s theme in school was Habitats. She also brought home a glowing winter progress report that was full of “fantastic”, “wonderful” and “fabulous”. It’s nice to know that my high opinion of my daughter is shared by other important adults in her life as well :)

Little Bear

Reading and Phonics. I tried to locate Little Bear book in the library since I saw it mentioned on Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn blog. I didn’t realize that it’s actually an early reader book. I located it by accident in an early reading section of our library, and Anna was delighted to have a chapter book to read. The amount of text didn’t intimidate her in the least, and I think I helped with three words over four stories. It’s really a great book, and we both enjoyed it a lot while she read to me one chapter every night. Then the book magically migrated to her bed shelf, because she likes to read in bed before (or instead of) her day nap.


Math. We had a lot of fun this week playing with our tangram sets. We also reviewed “more, fewer and same” through play. I was surprised to find out that while Anna easily identified a group of “more”, it was hard for her for some reason to find a group of “fewer” objects, so we compared various sets to reinforce this concept.

Look What Came From Russia

Social Studies. It was “Russian week” in our country hop, and it was a lot of fun. We learned about some things that came from Russia. Anna was fascinated to learn that Russia is the biggest country in the world and was the first one to send a man to space. We did a semi-successful StArt project with matryoshkas. I will write more about our geography studies in my Sunday post.


Prewriting and fine motor skills. Anna was more interested this week in drawing and writing. Several times this week she was getting markers and drawing various pictures that had balloons, people, cars, etc. None of it would be recognizable – it’s more like she draws a squiggle and then decided what it will be. Still – it’s encouraging to see her getting more interested in putting pen to paper.


Gross Motor Skills. I finally pulled out my yoga DVD (yay me!) and set up an exercise mat in our guest room. Anna immediately went into “me too!” mode and reminded us that she has her own Yoga Kids DVD. We tried it before, but she was absolutely not interested. This time, however, she really tried to follow the directions and lasted about two thirds into the program. Maybe one day soon we will be really doing yoga together.

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Kim said...

Yay for naps returning! They really make life so much easier. And yay for yoga! Crumpet loves yoga too - he often makes up his own poses that are truly silly! Those Little Bear books are great. I was just reading through my Honey for a Child's Heart book of book lists for children and they have a whole section of recommended early readers (Little Bear was in there). Maybe you could find a similar book with recommendations? My library has a whole shelf of them.

Leann said...

I worked with most and least with my son a couple of weeks ago, and found that fewer, less, and least were all hard words for him to determine. Must be words we do not use often enough, because more and most were very easy for him. I asked an experienced public school teacher, and she agreed that most kids come into kindergarten not knowing the "less words."

MaryAnne said...

This sounds like a fun week! I love it when my kids nap, but most of the time it's only Lily - sometimes Emma but never Johnny.

Johnny tries to draw things, but he isn't happy with the result. So, he scribbles over it saying, "oh no, dog" (or whatever else he was drawing). Emma has a few standardized pictures she draws over and over - she does cars, rainbows, and princesses with puff sleeves =)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

They give progress reports in preschool?

Felicia said...

How wonderful that naps are back!!!:))) I bet that makes your day much better! I love the way you put your activities into subjects. Where are you getting your social studies lessons? I would love to add that to our daily lessons.

Ticia said...

YEAH NAPS! I love naps, I miss naps. Join me in mourning for the missing naps. It's not the same when they spend the entire time asking if they can "Come down yet?"
We were reading the Little House early books, and I was thinking Anna might enjoy some of those. Hopefully, I'll get a book post up tomorrow, but just in case wanted to tell you about it.

Debbie said...

Hooray for Naps!

I am glad that Anna enjoyed Little Bear. Selena sure loved it.

Selena stumbed on the more, fewer, and same concept on her own while playing tea party with us. As she distributed little cookies, she realized that she gave me more, Papa fewer, and herself less, then she had to figure out how to make them the same.

min said...

It's wonderful that Anna is such a great reader! I can't wait until JC gets to that point. And I can't remember the last time JC had a nap...she only sleeps more now that she's sick or else, she's uppity up!

I know I've been bugging you with technical questions but how do you best get the watermark on the photos?

Thank you for visiting and always leaving wonderful comments!

Preschool Mommy said...

I love the picture of Anna doing Yoga. Fun! I've been looking for some kind of exercise type video that my kids would be interested in...mainly because it has been so cold that they need a little outlet for their energy. "Elmocize" just didn't cut it in my opinion.

Adriana said...

Diego gave up his naps before he turned two and the evenings can be a struggle. I'm not letting Mateo stop napping until he is seven! :) I love the yoga idea. I look forward to hear what you studied about Russia. I really know very little about it.

Elise said...

We insist on rest time here too. Savvy usually sleeps, but sometimes you can hear her making up all kinds of stories and telling them to her "bed friends" as we call them (her cuddly koala, Polly, one of her favourite dolls and Meeka, her other favourite soft doll) instead of sleeping. I often stand outside her door and am fascinated to hear her wonderful and highly amusing stories.

Your country hop always sounds so fascinating.

Does Anna like to colour using different mediums? I've seen ideas on blogs where people have used play doh to colour in. What about using collage pieces to colour something like the Matryoshka dolls. Savvy went through a phase of wanting to use cotton buds and the homemade puffy paint (let me know if you would like the "recipe" for this) to colour in (she liked the fact that after she had applied the paint with the cotton buds, we would pop it in the microwave for ten or so seconds and it would puff up. I know colouring is not for everyone.

The yoga picture of Anna is very cute.

In relation to your question about the sticky tape that we used for our alfoil creation, it was just one sided tape. Savvy needs some help getting the strips out of the dispenser, but she is becoming fairly independent at positioning it to actually tape something down.

Brandie said...

You could also try Frog and Toad books, they were one of our favorites and very similar to Little Bear style!

I love that Anna does yoga as well! My girls see me doing yoga and think it's wrestle time with mom!

Brandie said...

As for naps, Kaelyn is fighting hers as well, and spends most days "reading" her books!